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The Benefits of a Holistic Approach in Sport Programming for Youth with Disabilities

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I recently came across the article, Sports program for kids with special needs, featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution section on Doing Good Metro Atlantans Helping Others.  This article highlights a new sports program for children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities established in the Atlanta area called Exceptional Kids Athletics.  What I gathered from this article is that Exceptional Kids Athletics takes a holistic approach in their sport programming.

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T-Together E-Everyone A-Achieves M-More!

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Any Celebrity Apprentice fans?  On Sunday night’s episode Gary Busey shocked everyone by winning the second challenge of this season and spelled out his victory by stating the meaning behind the word team: “T- is for Together, E-Is for Everyone, A-id for Achieves, and M-More!”   As hard it may be to understand the thought process of Gary at times, he got this point right on!  The meaning behind the acronym of the word “team” truly speaks volumes.  Understanding the significance and strength from working as a “team” holds true and this definition is most often heard in the success of business franchises, private organizations, and sports teams.  It also holds true in the world of autism.

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Labels and Hope

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I believe our team of trainers understands the responsibilities of an all-inclusive fitness facility when I observe how they prepare and personalize every training session. Labels are not something we focus on. Instead, we strive to realize our purpose in quality personal service, in fitness and wellness. Information is gathered from the client and anyone involved so that to formulate a plan to achieve short and long term fitness goals.

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