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Older Americans Month and the Benefits of Walking

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In our modern world, most of us just aren’t moving enough. We sit at desks, on the couch, and walk just a few feet to our cars, driving off to wherever we want to go. This has a negative impact on our health, and many people are beginning to realize that sitting all the time isn’t the answer to a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, you don’t have to do much to gain the benefits of gentle exercise—just 30 minutes a day is beneficial to your health. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by fitting a half hour of walking in per day, whether you take a break during the workday, enjoy a pre-dinner stroll, or set out first thing in the morning.

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What about Pedestrians? Fall Prevention During the Winter

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The Center for Disease Control and multiple other studies show that more than a third of older adults fall each year.[i] Research also shows that between 10 to 20 falls cause injuries such as fractures and head traumas[ii].

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The Challenges of Walking During Winter

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It’s Winter, so snow and ice is to be expected. I started my day early with a walk to a doctor’s appointment. I was bundled up with a hat, scarf and my winter boots. It was icy and wet and there were puddles of slush on the streets and near the sidewalks. I managed to walk with no trouble, and even glided through a portion of a sidewalk that hadn’t been cleared.  All I needed to do was to cross the street, and I would be home free. And then it happened. I knew it was going to happen! I fell in the middle of the street in a huge area of dirty, wet, slush.

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