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“Sighted” Wheelchair Makes First Successful Test Drive

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A “sighted” wheelchair has been taken on a successful first test drive by a PhD-student who is visually impaired. The electric wheelchair is steered with a joystick and has a “haptic robot” that works like a virtual white cane. A laser scanner helps to create a simplified 3D map of the wheelchair surroundings. The laser scanner uses a technique called “Time-of-flight.” After the 3D map is produced, it transfers back to the haptic robot. This allows a wheelchair user with a visual impairment to “feel or see” obstacles like oncoming people or open doors, and navigate past them.

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New GPS Gadget for the Visually Impaired

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For centuries, individuals with visual impairments have used white canes to feel in which direction for the user to walk and to avoid bumping into obstacles. Then specially trained dogs were enlisted to help the visually impaired to safely navigate. There has also been several GPS navigation-assistance systems created for the blind, but none of those gadgets were meant to replace canes or guide dogs until now.

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