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Dance video games are a great success

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The fitness game craze started around 2008 with the introduction of Nintendo’s Wii Fit. Soon after, the dancing fitness games branched out and formed its own genre around 2009 with the launch of Xbox 360’s Dance Central. Dancing games have steadily climbed up the charts to become top-selling games. First believed to be just a fad, dancing games were only predicted to be of relevance for a year or so. “I thought it would die after the first year, because it felt like a fad to me” said Michael Pachter, a video game analyst. But in fact, in the last 2 years sales of dancing games have risen to claim the 5th largest video game genre spot.  Nearly 8 out of 10 players of these dance games are female.  The female demographic is an area that has not previously been successfully tapped into within the video gaming world. “We’re bringing new consumers into the market” said Tony Key, head of the US Marketing and Sales for the Just Dance franchise.

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