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Turning the “Me” into “We”

Turning the "Me" into "We" Tagged with:

In order to be great you must learn how to be a team.  Part of being a team is figuring out how to use each player’s individual strengths. I have nine unique athletes on my team, and I realized that although I have been writing about them for weeks, I have not introduced each player. So without further delay here is some insight into the nine “Me’s” that make up the “WE” that is the Lakeshore Power:

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Why coach special needs athletes?

Why coach special needs athletes? Tagged with:

I want you to think about your favorite PE teacher or sports coach. What was it about that person that made sport fun? How did they make you feel like you were a valued member of the team? Was it the way that they taught you? Perhaps they had a lively almost comical style that made you laugh. Did they make you feel that it was okay to make mistakes in practices?  Did you like that coach because they would not allow teammates to tease you?

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