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Sit Tall… Walk Tall… Music Can Change It All!

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With unknown expectations and heightened emotions, Jennifer and I tumbled down to Chicago’s Crowne Plaza on June 14th.  We were on our way to present the morning Physical Activity session for the July Disability and Health Partners’ Meeting.  Adrianne’s cheerful demeanor and can-do attitude were a delight and truly appreciated when we checked in.  Off we went to see our space and there was Adrianne ready to help and set up our lap top with the music.  Phew!  I was thrilled that Frank Sinatra would be a part of this morning fitness session after all.

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Teaching Sports to students with special needs: A tripod of influences

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In 2002, Harvard University Professor Robert Ferguson was interested in understanding why some students seemed to underachieve at school – especially boys from different ethnic backgrounds. Ferguson initiated the Tripod Project to evaluate a “tripod” of influences that he believed were essential for successful learning: Content – what you teach; pedagogy – how you teach it, and the importance of relationships in the life of the student.  A simple logic underscored The Tripod Project: Each “leg” is important and balances the other.  When applied to a sports coaching and teaching context the implications were clear: You may be a coach with a deep knowledge of sports (content), but if you don’t know how to effectively teach this content, the tripod is unstable.  You may have excellent teaching skills but if you are poor at building and developing relationships with your students (athletes), again, the “tripod” is not balanced.

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