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Growing the Sports

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As a wheelchair athlete, I have been to many places and met a lot of great people. These people have been from all backgrounds, many different cities and countries, and with various disabilities. Unfortunately, though I have met all kinds of people, the population of adaptive athletes is still relatively small.

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Finding a balance in exercise and play

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The fitness industry understands only too well that many people will register for programs may be attend a few practices, then drop-out, or some cases simply not show up.  The best of intentions require a long commitment to see the goal fulfilled. For some organizations, their goal is to sell lengthy membership terms – often well in excess of their capacity if all members attended at the same time – in order to maximize profits.  Such business models rely on the fluctuating motivations of their members. Some fitness clubs / groups sports, especially those that have a fitness or weight loss focus, will expect a lack of exercise adherence from many of their participants, and a few – unethically – will not do much about it.

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A Win-Win Situation: Eliciting Feedback from New Participants

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I always learn so much when I give presentations. I love it! A few weeks ago I presented to a group of campus recreation professionals on ways that they can prepare their fitness staff so that they are able to provide inclusive services. My favorite thing happened during this presentation – it quickly turned from a lecture that I was giving to a discussion that everyone was involved in. People started asking questions and giving each other resources and ideas. I hope it was as informative for everyone who attended as it was for me.

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An Invisible Separateness: An Editorial

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Our culture has introduced the idea of inclusion (age appropriate participation with our peers) for years.  Laws support it, schools teach it, and many advocates work tirelessly to bring the concept of disability awareness, inclusion, and participation into schools, workplaces, and general communities.

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Winning, Losing, and Disabilities: Finding a Context for Participation in Sport

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Sport is taken very seriously by our society with enormous financial rewards available to those that reach its highest levels of achievement. Yet the vast majority of us – with or without disabilities – will never come close to reaching those standards. Our participation in sports is almost certainly for other reasons; whether it is fun, friendship or fitness, understanding these motives and then shaping programs around them will likely determine the degree of personal success that a young athlete experiences.

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