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Our Competitive Life Views

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Ours is a culture that values success in any venue. Competition and the ideal of ‘winning’ are key in any type of competition and every area and aspect of life is one in which we believe competition takes place. For example, in the arenas of beauty, attractiveness, music, making money, size of house, amount of money, disposable income, talent, athletics…it is clear to all of us that winning is the only acceptable goal. We heap riches and praise on winners, we ignore or ridicule losers. Even being the “most pitiful” is rewarded over being merely “pitiful”. Being America’s Most Greedy is rewarded over being simply greedy. It is almost impossible to engage someone in a conversation about an artist, athlete or other prominent person without comparing their performance to that of another person in the same field- with the clear task of deciding which is better.

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No Matter the Outcome; Individuals Continue to Beat MS

No Matter the Outcome; Individuals Continue to Beat MS Tagged with:

The National MS Society just completed a campaign called, “We Keep Moving.” A team of 3 individuals diagnosed with MS traveled to 10 different locations around the United States interviewing people that were diagnosed with MS based on a nation-wide vote. The individuals ranged from a 19 year old girl that was diagnosed at the age of 15 to a man that has lived with MS for over 30 years.

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