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The Sun The Surf The Sand and The Chair

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Married to the chair:



Ahh, the beach… the sound of the waves crashing to the shore, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the sand; who doesn’t love a vacation by the sea – well, we don’t. Born and raised in Miami, Florida those are shocking words I never thought I would say, but I have learned that sand and wheelchairs don’t mix. As a child while sand had some redeeming qualities, like building sand castles or burying your brother in it, in reality, sand was annoying, especially when it got in your eye. As an adult it mostly irritated as it mysteriously made its way into crevices previously unreached but as a chair user this previously manageable surface becomes detestable. Typically, my husband and I try to avoid the beach at all costs. But one time we were visiting my hometown with some friends and thought we’d brave it since I had some extra help.  Just so you can get the full visual effect, let me describe what it normally looks like when my husband and I go to the beach.

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Married to the Chair

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I knew when I signed up for this, life would be different. I was prepared for certain aspects of my marriage to look different from everyone else’s. For example, I knew I would always be the one to take out the trash and hang the pictures on the wall, but those things come with some pretty nice trade offs like him being the one to always do the cooking and cleaning. Those things I was ready for and more than willing to trade in, but as the years have gone by I have come to realize there are so many more things I didn’t expect both good and bad things, fun and not so fun.  But this is our story, the one we both know we were intended to live, and if ever the bad starts to overshadow the good or the not so fun becomes really not fun at all, even though I may have my moments of weakness or times when my “ugly” shines through, I will never want pity or feel sorry for myself, as I feel some folks are quick to dish out,  because I know that whatever “fun” thing I think I am missing out on I know my husband has had to miss out on 100 more. And while I chose this life and this marriage he didn’t choose to have a spinal cord injury. So I just get over it and remember that life is good and regardless of circumstances I am truly blessed.

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The Power of One’s Mortality

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This week I experienced a first. A horrible, dreaded, stop-you-in-your-footsteps first. One of my student’s in class is dying.

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The Power of the Past

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You don’t always believe it, nor do you want to, but your past definitely has a profound way of shaping your future, and even your present for that matter.
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The Power of the Breakdown

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Sometimes it just hits you like a ton of stampeding elephants pouring out of your eyes and all over everything. Sometimes it happens when you least expect it; and sometimes it can be the most useful thing at the most inopportune of times.

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Perceptions can Change

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Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 3 ½ years ago I have learned and become to believe that I was diagnosed for a purpose and that purpose was to help others facing a similar situation as myself either through fundraising, words of encouragement, or motivation as they watch to see what I am capable of accomplishing.

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The Power of Finding Your Strength

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Where do you find strength? This is a question that was posed to me earlier this week, and although a relatively simple question, I found myself stalled when searching for the right answer.
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The Power of Sunshine

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As the summer is winding near its end, we are reminded in little hints of outdoor pool closings and increasingly longer evenings. We hear school bells ringing and fewer birds singing. For me, it’s a time to grab on to as much sunshine as I can, so I may store it in my pocket for a time when I would need it most.

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The Power of Adapting

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Charles Darwin and the like rejoiced in the notion that all things must adapt in order to survive. This concept, even though displayed in a large-scaled evolutionary sense can be seen on a much, much smaller degree in our everyday lives.

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The Power of Silence

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It wasn’t until it was somewhat challenged upon me, that I even took the time to both notice and understand the power that lies in silence.

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