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Next steps on my path

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So the word Paralympics was introduced to me for the first time in 1990 while I was competing in my first national championship in the sport of Goalball.  I met some tremendous ladies from the U.S. squad that were returning from the 1990 World Championships where they secured the U.S. team a slot for the 1992 Paralympic games to be held in Barcelona.  The U.S. Coach, at the time, after seeing me play gatheredmy information and I went to my first U.S. training camp that fall.

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Girls on the Run

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What lessons has exercise taught you? In my blog posts, I tend to always go towards the “feelers”–as in I like to explore meaning or purpose behind working out.  I can’t help it.  For me, working out is about so much more than staying fit!

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Have you heard of TED Talks?  If not, I highly recommend checking them out.

TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design.  A non-profit started in 1984, TED Talks are one person on a stage sharing their work and passion in 18 minutes or less!  TED Talks are full of ideas worth spreading.

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Basketball Is My Drug

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I grew up in east side Long Beach, where the drugs overflowed the streets and kept the gangs at war. The only refuge from the dangers of the outside world, were my family and sports. I am the first American born in my family. My mother and father escaped from the war in Cambodia and came to America with hopes of a better lifestyle for their kids. Little did they know, my brother, sister, and I would be exposed to drug abuse, gang violence, and discrimination early on in our lives.

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A US Journey

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With the US National team playing at the American Zonals at Lakeshore this weekend it made me reflect on the 7 years of my life that I was part of the US Rugby Program. What always first comes to mind about those days were the life-long friendships that I have developed over the years of playing. These friendships are life sustaining for one reason, a shared commitment.

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Five Ways to Make Your Home a Safer Place

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A home is a place of comfort, happiness, and relaxation—at least it should be. Unfortunately, for many seniors the home can begin to pose new health and safety threats, making it less of a sanctuary than it used to be. Slippery floors, fires, and solitude are all things to safeguard against while living at home. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your home remains a safe and healthy haven for as long as you live there.

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When Disability “Bumps” into Normal

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I was traveling recently to Boise, ID for a US Paralympic Sports Clinic to teach some strength and conditioning to professionals.   There was a person in the airport who most likely had autism as well as some form of lower body impairment.  The periodic yelps and physical repetitive tics of the young girl were obviously unsettling to those around her.  Her family was unscathed by the behavior, but it was interesting to watch as those around her just got their “normal” bumped into a bit.  I think it begs the discussion of what is normal?  And why be bothered by it?

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What a Summer!

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I haven’t blogged in a while, but to be honest, I’ve been busy. I have a new job working full time to promote adapted sports on campus and in the community, and I just got married!!!! That’s right, Kelley and I tied the knot on August 10. It was the most surreal day of my life. I will never be able to explain the joy and excitement of that day, and the days since.

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How to Fight Insomnia

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Sleep is a huge part of our lives—(about 33% actually,) and it’s vitally important that we get enough of it. Yet for many of us living in this world of 24/7 TV, internet in the palm of our hand, and the 40 hour work week, getting a good night’s sleep tends to take a back seat. Sleeping has become such a low priority that many of us

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The Power of Positive Thinking

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Out of all the parts of the human body, the brain is undeniably the most mysterious and complex. Recently, more and more studies have emerged revealing the vast power the brain has to influence the body with even the simplest concepts. In fact, current research has shown how positive thinking in itself can have a significant effect in healing and longevity. Especially for sufferers of traumatic brain injuries, positive thinking is key, along with the help of therapeutic resources. These could include informative articles and support groups, such as the ones found through TryMunity, a resourceful virtual network of compassionate individuals who have all been affected by traumatic brain injury in one way or another.

But why exactly is positive thinking so powerful?

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