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Get Out: Outdoor Activity Can Improve Your Health and Sense of Well-Being

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Adults with disabilities are three times more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, stroke or cancer as those without disabilities, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Participation in physical activity can reduce the risk of such diseases, but nearly 50 percent of adults with disabilities report engaging in little to no aerobic activity. A number of programs and activities are available for both adults and children with disabilities to help get them the exercise they need.

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My Experiences at the School for People who are Deaf

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I am the middle child in a group of three children. My youngest brother is a man who is deaf. He is very independent and upon seeing him you would not even suspect he was deaf. When we were growing up the three of us were just a couple of years apart and we did everything together.

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Married to the Chair-Just plain Busy!

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Well track season is here once again which means- I’m busy. My students say that they are busy as they complain about the number of projects I have given them, and I just laugh because I only wish I was as “busy” as I was when I was in college. Kinda like I wish I was as “fat” as I thought I was in college too! But when I say I’m busy now days it’s at a whole new level As in so busy we haven’t had time to go to the grocery store which means two things.

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Obesity and Disability Infographic:

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We have developed an Obesity and Disability infographic*. The Obesity and disability infographic can be used to educate readers about the prevalence of obesity for individuals with disabilities, the consequences, costs, and ways to prevent or treat obesity. Our lists of consequences and ways to prevent obesity are in no way exhaustive. At the bottom are a few resources readers can access for information on physical activity and nutrition. Also, references where the data came from are listed.

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“I like how you listen to me. You’re really listening and not doing something else at the same time.” My eight year old daughter said that to me. She has also said, “Mom? Mom! MOMMMM! You’re not listening!” Out of the mouths of babes …

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How Your Own Behaviors Influence Children

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Parents are very influential when it comes to the development of the children. Mannerisms, behaviors, beliefs and even actions are learned from an early age throughout adolescence. During this time, your own behaviors as a parent play a dominant role in how the children will develop as they grow older. If you view physical activity or fitness a specific way, there is a good chance the children will develop a similar view.

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Girls on the Run

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What lessons has exercise taught you? In my blog posts, I tend to always go towards the “feelers”–as in I like to explore meaning or purpose behind working out.  I can’t help it.  For me, working out is about so much more than staying fit!

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Adapted Activity

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Working and developing activities for kids with physical disabilities is part of what I do every week. I look forward to working with my co-workers to find creative ways to keep our kids active and promote inclusion in their school programs, in their neighborhoods, and anywhere else they might spend much of their time; the only problem

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“Little” Gestures, One Big Act

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A few months back I was asked to speak to my younger sister’s grade on disability acceptance in honor of National Circle of Friends month.  The elementary school provided me with a children’s book to read and told me to discuss disability awareness and answer questions after reading the story.  I spoke to four different second grade classes for around thirty minutes each.  Since these were my sister’s classmates the children were familiar with me, but

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Life’s “Little” Questions

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I firmly believe in taking stares and questions and turning them into a chance to educate others about disabilities and life with one.  At least once a day in public I get a quizzical stare and

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