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Journey & Destination

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I take exception to the quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” My suggested change is: life is a journey AND a destination. While I agree that we never completely arrive, it also seems that along the journey, we do seek out and hopefully enjoy destinations.

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My Experiences at the School for People who are Deaf

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I am the middle child in a group of three children. My youngest brother is a man who is deaf. He is very independent and upon seeing him you would not even suspect he was deaf. When we were growing up the three of us were just a couple of years apart and we did everything together.

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Married to the Chair-Just plain Busy!

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Well track season is here once again which means- I’m busy. My students say that they are busy as they complain about the number of projects I have given them, and I just laugh because I only wish I was as “busy” as I was when I was in college. Kinda like I wish I was as “fat” as I thought I was in college too! But when I say I’m busy now days it’s at a whole new level As in so busy we haven’t had time to go to the grocery store which means two things.

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“I like how you listen to me. You’re really listening and not doing something else at the same time.” My eight year old daughter said that to me. She has also said, “Mom? Mom! MOMMMM! You’re not listening!” Out of the mouths of babes …

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How Your Own Behaviors Influence Children

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Parents are very influential when it comes to the development of the children. Mannerisms, behaviors, beliefs and even actions are learned from an early age throughout adolescence. During this time, your own behaviors as a parent play a dominant role in how the children will develop as they grow older. If you view physical activity or fitness a specific way, there is a good chance the children will develop a similar view.

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“Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” for Lunch

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While trying to come up with ideas for this week’s blog, I was thinking back to what I had for lunch the past few days and if I really enjoyed what I was eating. I couldn’t even remember what I ate for lunch some days! To be honest, during the week I’m always working while I’m eating…that doesn’t really make for an enjoyable lunch. I imagine many of you can relate. In my opinion,

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In Sickness and in Health…
We didn’t actually say those words in our vows, I guess we figured it was kind of a “given”. We were married so it just comes with the territory; kind of like the weeds in your yard when you buy a house- you just have to deal with it. And we’ve had our share of sickness but nothing too major (unless you might count the tummy issues the hubs had last summer).
Well, this past weekend the hubs decided to test my love for him. It was a typical Saturday. He was out back making things with man toys, as all men like to do, and I was inside doing our taxes when all of a sudden I heard my name called in a manner that didn’t implicate that I should take my time getting there. As my heart sunk just a little, I dropped what I was doing and ran to the back deck. There in the middle of the yard next to the table saw, sat my husband holding his hand in the air with a fair amount of blood! He said, “I cut my hand”… so knowing my phone was inside I yelled back,” Is it something I can handle or do I need to call 911. He looks back at his hand for a split second and then responds… CALL 911!

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Married to the Chair- the Great Outdoors.

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Over the holidays, while visiting my family in South Florida, we decided to enjoy some time in the great outdoors. I mean, why not – It’s December in Miami; about the only time of year it is actually pleasant enough to go outside down there. So we packed up the “fam” and headed even further south to the Keys to enjoy some time out in God’s creation. The hubs and I decided to “rough it” and go camping while the others also decided to “rough it” in city terms (which means they got an RV.)

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Six Gadgets to help keep Elders Safe

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The modern world can be dangerous for today’s senior citizens. With so much traffic, technology and constant change, seniors need ways to stay protected from predators and scam artists while also protecting their own health. Families can use these six gadgets to keep elders safe while helping them maintain their independence as much as possible.

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Basketball Is My Drug

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I grew up in east side Long Beach, where the drugs overflowed the streets and kept the gangs at war. The only refuge from the dangers of the outside world, were my family and sports. I am the first American born in my family. My mother and father escaped from the war in Cambodia and came to America with hopes of a better lifestyle for their kids. Little did they know, my brother, sister, and I would be exposed to drug abuse, gang violence, and discrimination early on in our lives.

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