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[VIDEO] A Personal Take on the Fashion Industry and Disability

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According to the organization, Models for Diversity, a volunteer only group, discrimination in the modeling & fashion industry has been a problem since the 60’s when the beautiful but super skinny Twiggy first graced the catwalks. From that moment on the Industry set a standard… an unrealistic standard that is not in tune with the modern woman.

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Advantages of Diversity in the Workplace

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Workplace Diversity, at heart, means that all of the types of persons living in the community are represented in the workplace. One of the reasons that people think that diversity is a good idea is that whenever there are issues or problems to work on, it helps to have a wide range of perspectives on the problem so that a wider range of possible solutions can be envisioned. When you look at the issue this way, you can see how much diversity increases productivity!

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