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Role of Adaptive Sport during ADA

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Born without a right hand and forearm, Natalia Partyka won the Paralympic championship in 2004. Paola Fantato has been a wheelchair user since the age of eight, yet she was the first athlete to compete in the Olympics and the Paralympics in 1996. Silver-medal-winner Terence Parkin has been deaf since birth, but that didn’t stop him from winning medals in swimming competitions. There are many athletes with disabilities who inspire us with their competitive spirit. Whether it’s winning races, grappling on the wrestling mat, or riding the ocean waves, athletes with disabilities stand as the epitome of strength and success.

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Married to the Chair – wheelchair sports

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So by now you have probably seen the commercial by Guinness Beer about wheelchair basketball. (If not here it is: ) It blew up my Facebook page and my email in-box after it came out with comments both for and against. Some praised the ad for showing disabled athletes and some weren’t so gracious and noted the poor imaging or the fact that only one individual was actually disabled. Personally, I couldn’t have been more pleased!

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