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Does This Attitude Make Me Look Fat?

Does This Attitude Make Me Look Fat? Tagged with:

I had a really interesting conversation with a few friends the other day. We were talking about what types of clothing makes us look the most trim. The answers ranged from no clothes at all, to sweaters and long pants, and a few options in between. While we were talking I made the comment that sometimes I look and the mirror in the morning and I think,

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The Wheelchair: Part 1

The Wheelchair: Part 1 Tagged with:

Ah, the wheelchair. To most, the word denotes struggle, incapability, and sadness. Basically, once you sit down and submit to “the chair” all of the life and fun will be sucked from your body. I’ve been a chair user for 23 years and strangely enough, I live a wonderfully vibrant life. So why is society so scared of the wheelchair? Let’s conduct a little experiment.

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