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Adapting Yoga Poses

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Yoga may be the latest trend that’s gaining traction worldwide, but in truth, it’s an ancient practice that’s been around for thousands of years. Yoga emphasizes the mind-body connection, and for most people, the image of a “yogi” is a fit young woman twisting into challenging shapes most of us could only dream of achieving. For many people who live their lives from a wheelchair, gaining the many benefits of yoga may seem impossible. The truth is that yoga is less about the poses themselves—and more about the breathing, connection and meditative aspects of the practice. But how can yoga poses even be adapted for a chair? Let’s find out!

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Raising a new generation of Ability thinkers?

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A new generation of Ability Thinkers – what will it take to make lasting change?  As I ponder this thought, it is with windows open on a 70 degree night in January in St. Louis!  That is crazy and really unheard of!  Almost as crazy as a world where we can someday imagine that kids/adults with disabilities are treated no differently than those without disabilities.

What will it take to get us there as a nation and a world?

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