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5 Ways to Encourage Active Children in a Digital World

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If you have children, then you’re probably very familiar with this scenario: your kids finish their homework (or try to avoid finishing their homework), and then immediately want to turn on the TV and computer. It’s common for kids to want to engage with technology, but spending all their time hunched over the screen isn’t good for their well-being. In addition to being harmful to their health (and increasing their chances for obesity), lack of imaginative play can staunch their creativity. But how do you get them to WANT to play outside? Here are 5 ways to encourage them.

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World Down Syndrome Day

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Monday, March 21, 2011 is World Down Syndrome Day.  The date is important because it’s named is derived from the most common form of Down syndrome: Trisomy 21 (Three 21). People all over the world will be celebrating this event.  For those that live with down syndrome, both the individual and the caregiver, this event signifies that people with down syndrome are just like anyone else. 

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