Here Is Why You Should Drink More Water (Infographic)

May 01, 2017
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Did you know you could go about 21 days without food but only last 7 without drinking water? This perfectly illustrates how supremely important water is to your health and body. It is second only to the air we breathe as a fundamental resource for staying alive.

But the sad fact is that most people are dehydrated and don’t know it. Around 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated according to doctors. This statistic is even scarier when you consider how important water is to helping your body function properly. Studies show that long term chronic dehydration can lead to everything from heart issues to intense migraines (as published in the American Journal of Epidemiology).

One reason most people are dehydrated is they don’t know how to correctly calculate their daily water intake. This means they never drink enough water.

Another issue is people don’t drink more water when they should. Most of us know that we should drink more water during exercise or in hot climates but did you know that you should drink more water when you’re ill? Drinking more fluids during illness helps your body flush out toxins, thereby speeding the recovery process.

If all of this is confusing or overwhelming, don’t worry we have got your back! Below is a complete A-Z of the important things you need to know about water, hydration and health. It lays everything out in such a simple way a child could understand it.

A complete break down, explanation of all the key points and academic references are available here.



Author: Luke George

  • bobl07

    You can live longer without food than water. For people with disabilities, water is the hidden gem needed for better health.

  • Luke

    That’s so true bob, I couldn’t have put it better myself (and I’m the blog author!)

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  • Felicia

    Water is second only to the air we breathe as a fundamental resource for staying alive.