Better Nutrition for Seniors – Tailor Your Diet to Your Age

Mar 05, 2017
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We’re an ever-ageing population and as we live longer, better advances in drug treatments and knowledge of how to better treat life-threatening illnesses means that we’re all living longer. For some, dietary choices made in early life are catching up with them and as a result many are having to adopt healthy eating regimes to counteract the damage they have done to themselves.

What can we do to make sure we have a better diet as we grow old? There are some very easy preventative steps that can be taken and it doesn’t have to be a chore to look after yourself!

Try New Foods

As we grow older our palettes change, and what we once enjoyed eating – rich sauces, sweet puddings, salty potato chips – may start to disagree with us, or become less easy to tolerate and digest. Make it a goal to try new fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis, and try substituting the seasonings in your food – experiment with herbs, spices and citrus juices like lemon and lime to add flavor to your meals, rather than lots of salt and sugar.

Drink More Water

It’s an obvious point, but as we age, we lose more water from our bodies and therefore need to replace it. Whilst it’s perfectly OK to drink tea and coffee, it’s important to drink plain or flavored water as often as possible. Keep a bottle by your side at all times and sip from it regularly during the day. Remember that fresh fruits and vegetables, eaten as part of a sensible meal plan and diet regime count for up to 20% of your recommended fluid intake, too!

Cook from Scratch Wherever Possible

Three meals a day cooked from scratch might sound like a lot of work, but it really isn’t if you plan carefully and shop properly. It can also make it much easier to tailor a diet to your own health needs – for instance, if you’re diabetic, you can control how much sugar goes into a cake you make, or you can even substitute it for applesauce, honey or agave nectar. You can opt to remove as much fat from your diet as possible by cooking foods that you once might have fried in butter or oil, with low calorie cooking sprays, or dry frying and broiling. Again, experiment with seasonings, spices and herbs too.


Author: Jess Walter

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