Why Mindset is Essential to Any Exercise Program

Nov 11, 2016
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Why do so many of us give up on regular exercise, even though it makes us feel so good? Because it’s hard. The hardest part about exercising regularly, however, isn’t our own physical limitations most of the time. Whether you’re someone with a disability struggling to stay fit or someone who is having trouble sticking with a regular exercise program, the problem is often rooted in mental roadblocks. Exercise routines are endlessly adaptable, and even though they should include challenges for your body, your mind may be what’s holding you back from success. Here’s why the right positive fitness mindset is so essential to any exercise program.

Mindset Helps You Set Realistic Goals

We all want to see results right away when we start exercising. Unfortunately, real results take time, and many people try to do too much, too soon in the beginning. Why is this a problem? It’s important to start small and give your body a chance to build up strength and endurance before you tackle the more challenging maneuvers to avoid injury. On top of the potential for injury, it’s really easy to get burned out and discouraged if you’re setting goals that are too hard for your level. Getting in the mindset that slow and steady progress is positive will help you make a lasting, healthy habit. Extreme changes are unsustainable, and won’t help you stay fit long term. Give yourself a break! You’re making an effort, and that’s the important thing.

Mindset Let’s You Push Yourself

If you’ve ever taken a fitness class, you may have noticed something strange: you were able to push yourself further than you thought possible. Some people need others to set the mindset for them—the mindset of positivity and belief in the body. Personal trainers are so effective for just this reason: they embody the mindset needed to maintain long-term momentum. Thinking about how tired you are every second of your run won’t help you, but maybe enlisting a friend to work out with you, or seeing the miles pile up on your GPS fitness device will. Whatever it takes to push yourself and make progress, mindset that you CAN will help you in your fitness journey.

Mindset Will Help You Maintain Long-Term Momentum

The fitness mindset is a mindset for a lifetime. Getting fit is a journey, not a destination. Even if specific goals are reached, it’s important to continue your new routine, in order to maintain your new fitness level. Staying focused on the process over the results will help you get in the mindset that there’s no end date for your new lifestyle—these are habits you’ll maintain for years to come.

Mindset Can Help Overcome Obstacles

If you have a physical disability that requires you to adapt exercise routines, or you’re facing other challenges, like recovering from addiction, exercise becomes all the more important. Mindset can help you succeed in overcoming these obstacles to incorporate exercise as an integral part of your life. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore! Cultivate the right mindset, and you might even find yourself looking forward to your next workout.

Author: Sarah Daren