New Leaders of a young world

Oct 17, 2016
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The path to success for young leaders is often one filled with surprises that only allow them to grow, both personally and professionally. And young leaders come from a variety of lanes, all merging onto the path to success. These achievements can be a graduate degree, starting a tech startup, or reaching personal physical and mental goals.

Many youth who have overcome the largest of obstacles aren’t always seen as leaders. Age and inexperience are often stereotypes young leaders face. However, armed with an attitude to achieve and grow through observance can easily travel the path to success.

The most common challenge many young leaders need to surpass is the aspect of age and ability. Young leaders on the path to success know the importance of being humble, maintaining positive attitudes, and showing gratitude, among other qualities. Let’s take a closer look at the key attributes young leaders need to succeed.

The Path to Success for Young Leaders Begins with a Positive Attitude

The old adage of sending positive vibes out to the world and receiving rewards back holds true for young leaders. The path to success truly begins with a positive attitude, especially when you are at the starting gates in life.

There is most certainly a direct association between success and a positive attitude. Richard Boyatzis, a psychology expert explained how harnessing a positive attitude could have a direct effect on success. Young leaders can literally achieve success by thinking and willing it to happen.

Humble Young Leaders Achieve More Faster

Young leaders on the path to success know the importance of being humble. As a young leader taking on any task, you simply won’t have the experience or skills to know everything needed. This makes humility an invaluable attribute. Failure is inevitable, however, failing gracefully is vital. The experience and wisdom many senior leaders and mentors possess has been developed through decades of trial and error. Taking an undesirable outcome and growing from it through humility allows young leaders to stay positive about setbacks with confidence to succeed the next time around.

Successful Young Leaders Take Stock in Mentors

For a young leader, having a mentor is powerful. Mentors can guide young leaders down the path to success, supporting and offering advice along the way. According to the Association for Talent Development, mentoring is a powerful attribute to sustain leaders. In fact, without mentors, organizational sustainability would be lost.

Young leaders should seek out two types of mentors while navigating the path to success. Mentors who embody what a young leader wishes to be molded into, and mentors who have achieved what a young leader wishes to achieve. Getting feedback, advice, support, and developing through meaningful conversations is how youth will succeed.

Gratitude is Not a Pit Stop on the Path to Success

Young leaders need to take gratitude seriously if they want to achieve and surpass their goals. And gratitude is not simply a pit stop on the path to success. It is an aspect many successful leaders have cultivated throughout a lifetime.

The most successful young leaders acknowledge the people who have helped them achieve along the way. They give gratitude where gratitude is deserved and mentors can often shape this essential attribute. Philanthropy is another exceptional way for young leaders to show gratitude as well.

Young leaders certainly have hills and speed bumps on the path to success. However, the path to surpassing goals and achieving can be a bit smoother with a few key attributes developed early on. Staying humble, having a positive attitude, and showing gratitude are all vital to your success as a young leader. Talk to your mentor about how to make the most of your skills and develop a powerful strategy for the future.

Author: Mark Kirkpatrick

  • bobl07

    Mentors are very much the key to developing and discovering new leaders. I very much believe that attitude is everything! The right attitude takes you places you never dreamed. The wrong one will not take you far.

  • Davis

    Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.