Child Proofing 101: Practical Tips To Make Your Home Safe For Your ADHD Child

Sep 29, 2016
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Parents know the basics when it comes to child-proofing their homes. But those who have ADHD kids must go the extra mile to keep mr./ms. energy safe at all times. Parents of hyperactive preschoolers are usually overwhelmed, especially mothers. From the noise, the persistent crying, the fact that it’s always there. They go to sleep when you do and often wakes up before you. You don’t get enough rest. When they’re home all they do is run all over the house during the day. So you end up yelling at them. And it’s normal if there are times when you feel inadequate as a parent.

When you’re about to break down and feel your preschooler is already running your household, breathe. Take a break. These years are usually the most intense. But this too, shall pass. Second, try these home safety tips to prevent your kid from getting hurt- and yourself from losing your mind.

Ensure your Furnishings are Child-Friendly

Get those that are easy-to-clean, floor coverings that could hide dirt. It’s for those times when your child helps himself into a bowl of cereal with milk. Not only should you have stainproof furniture, they should be durable as well. Find ones that are made of resin or hard plastic. These are the ones that could endure dancing, pounding, climbing. Avoid decorating with tall bookcases or stackable furnitures. These are super tempting to climb. Put cushions that are skid-free beneath your area rugs. Use plastic utensils, cups and plates when serving your kid’s meals.

Put Yourself in their Shoes

Minimize clutter by putting low, adjustable shelving. They should have plenty of bins and boxes for your kid’s stuff. Put labels so your child knows where to put what. You could either write them down as clear labels or use pictures/images. Cleaning is a breeze this way, whether you or your child is the one doing the tidying.

Don’t Put a Gazillion Toys on Display

You should determine the number of toys your child has. Do away with games or toys that are too much of a clutter because of the number of pieces that end up underneath the rugs or on the floor. Keep them until your kid is old enough to deal with chores and clean after himself.

Come Up with a Routine and Stick to It

It’s crucial that ADHD kids have a schedule to follow. From the time to get dressed, to eating breakfast, and to begin their day. Use TV or DVDs wisely. This will allow you to get through with your own routine in the morning. Let them watch a good morning show or favorite movie to keep your kid occupied while you’re dressing up or finishing up with breakfast. If you’re scared that you may not be able to watch your toddler while doing your personal routine, let your kid watch TV inside your room while getting dressed. This works like magic.

Look Forward to Some Quiet Time

When you know that your child is on the verge of a serious meltdown, suggest having some quiet time. Being cranky and tired are just some of the symptoms to tell you that they need this now. Don’t ask your kid to go to his room because that feels very much like a punishment. A smart parenting strategy is to make this a comforting time for your kid. Draw the blinds. Keep him warm and comfy on the couch, maybe even put on some quiet music for him to relax.

Keep the Bedroom Secure

Your ADHD will have a lot more energy than you or your spouse. They’re inclined to get up earlier and roam around the house before you can even drag yourself out of bed. Try putting a gate across your child’s bedroom doorway. Keep the bed away from the windows. This is a great home safety strategy.

Childproof Your Bathroom

Bathroom safety is crucial for all preschools regardless if they have ADHD or not. All bathroom cabinets and medications should have safety locks. Scalding is something that is also very much preventable. Always adjust your hot water below 120F. And don’t you ever leave your ADHD preschooler or young child alone in the bath tub, even for just a few seconds.

Secure the Kitchen

You also need lots of safety locks in here. Be vigilant when it comes to loose plastic bags that can cause suffocation, electric appliance cords, and even table cloths hanging over the edge of your table. Put all lighters and matches inside locked cabinets together with your cleaning materials. Always have your poison control center phone number within sight in case of emergencies.

Get Home Automation and Video Surveillance

For some extra security not just for your ADHD kid but for your entire family as well, it’s better if you get a reputable home automation and security system service from reputable providers. Some offer monitoring packages that gives you the ability to arm and disarm your system. Some also have email and text notifications and the crash and smash protection coverage. You’ll need this when something happens to your equipment. There’s also a technology where you can control your home lights, locks, and temperature just by using your computer or smartphone.

Practice Common Sense

Along with all these safety measures, it’s important that parents practice common sense at all times. You need to be cautious and vigilant when it comes to the supervision of your preschoolers. ADHD preschoolers need you to go the extra mile. It’s the small things that are taken for granted that are the most worrisome. Remove small objects from countertops or the floor. These can be easily swallowed. Choking is very common for children, not just those with ADHD. Avoid putting plants indoors. Some plants are poisonous. They’re also very messy and hard to clean up when they hit the floor. Cover sharp corners. Install gates both at the bottom and top of your stairs- just to be sure.

Finally, take it easy on yourself. You’re a better parent than you think. Cheers!


Author: Rienzi Mosqueda