6 Things You Need To Know About Glaucoma

Sep 16, 2016
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According to reports by the US Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), some 2.2 million Americans aged 40 years and over are affected by Glaucoma. What is it and might you or your loved ones be at higher risk of developing this disease?

Before you blame your Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream or Aurealux Eye Gel for the vision loss that you are currently experiencing, check out these 6 facts about glaucoma you need to know now:


1: Glaucoma refers to an eye condition where the optic nerve is damaged.

There are several types of glaucoma but all refer to damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve is composed of millions of narrow nerve fibers which connect your eye to your brain, helping you make sense of what you’re looking at.  Damages to these nerves eventually leads to vision loss.  With early detection, blindness can be mitigated and your eyesight may be saved.


2: Glaucoma is caused primarily by high intraocular pressure caused by aqueous fluid produced by the eye. 

High fluid pressure is what damages the optic nerve when it pushes too hard on the walls. However, not all people may be negatively affected by an increase in pressure.  That’s because different people have different tolerance level for increased eye pressure.


In fact, some people may still develop glaucoma not because of a change in fluid pressure but because they have inherently more sensitive optic nerves which are at higher risk for being permanently damaged. Some studies have also suggested that protein build up can also lead to several eye conditions, including glaucoma.

3: Some people are at higher risk for contracting glaucoma

Men and women in their 60s and over, African Americans, and those who have glaucoma running in their families are at higher risk for glaucoma. If you think you may be at higher risk then, you should consult with your eye doctor regularly to detect any damage at an early stage and save your vision.


  1. Your diet affects your eye health. So, now you know that eye creams such as Rodan + FieldsAnti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream, do not cause Glaucoma, what you must know is that your diet determines whether or not you will develop this eye disease. A diet that is high in sugar causes insulin and blood pressure levels to spike. You need to manage your insulin and blood pressure to keep from busting your optic nerve.  Choose whole wheat grains and incorporate plenty of fibers from live fruits and veggies in your diet.


  1. Regular exercise helps prevent Glaucoma. Rather than taking out AurealuxEye Gel or a similar product from your skincare routine, you should instead get started on a fitness plan. Regular exercise helps keep your insulin and blood pressure within normal levels.  A well-thought out fitness plan involves cardio exercises as well as muscle toning exercises.


6: There is no cure for Glaucoma.

Treatment for Glaucoma will not restore lost vision but, will save whatever is left to be saved.  There are options available to better manage low vision, however, including devices that can help you see much better.



Your vision are important in carrying out your daily activities. Be keen on any changes to your eyes or vision.  Early diagnosis is key and treatment may include medicines, including oral medications and eyedrops.  More advanced stages may require a laser therapy treatment or surgery, the main objective of which is to drain excess fluid from your eyes.



Author: Jazz Poland

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