Get Moving: Run, Swim and Hula Hoop!

Sep 06, 2016
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We all know that good health is critical to our well-being, and exercise is a key component of achieving good health. And for many, the hardest part of a fitness routine is simply getting started. You may be fighting a chronic condition. You may be struggling to get the hang of a certain activity. You may be simply overwhelmed at how far off your goals appear. But here’s the good news: no one starts out a world-class athlete!

As you begin your fitness journey, all that matters is that you begin. Choose an exercise that suits you, set short-term, attainable goals, and keep moving steadily towards them. After a while, you’ll be surprised (and very proud) of what you’ve achieved. Not sure what exercise you’d like to try? Here are a few suggestions:

Hit The Ground Running

Running and jogging are one of the most popular exercises around. The benefits are undeniable — as a weight-bearing exercise, it helps to strengthen the bones, it burns calories and helps improve the cardiovascular system. You can run or jog in groups, which makes it a fun social activity. A jog around your town helps you get to know your local community. And running improves your general stamina, which makes athletic games like basketball or soccer even easier. So how do you get started running? Simple: put on your shoes and go (if you have a doctor’s approval, of course). Believe it or not, it really is that easy.

Practice Your Freestyle

If running isn’t your thing, never fear. There are plenty of other ways to get your cardio, and one of them is getting in the pool. Swimming works your entire body: your legs kick to propel you forward, your arms pull you through the water, and your lungs and heart work double to provide you with the power to work those muscles. Swimming can also be a great exercise for folks who struggle to move around above ground, as the water can all but eradicate mobility issues. Not to mention how much fun swimming is, whether it’s old hat for your or it’s something you’re newly learning.

Hula Hoop For Fun and Core Strength

You may remember the fun you had playing with hula hoops in your youth. Weren’t they great toys? Well, believe it or not, those toys are making a big comeback in the fitness world. Keeping a hula hoop spinning requires a huge amount of core strength. Harness that strength and bring yourself back to the good old days with an exercise that is less work and more play. But don’t be fooled by the fun – hula hooping burns as many calories as swimming or running, making it a truly formidable form of exercise.

So what will you choose: a mile run around the block? Fantastic. Thirty minutes in the pool? Great! Hula hooping through an episode of your favorite show? Wonderful. In truth, what really matters is that you get movingTrust us – you’ll feel better and you’ll be healthier.



Author: Mark Kirkpatrick

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    Great tips for exercise and movement. I am always looking for anything new and fresh!