The Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Jul 11, 2016
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We are well and truly into bikini season now, and you might just be panicking if you’ve left it a little late to get your perfect beach body. But don’t worry, even if you are jetting off in the next couple of weeks, you still have time to shed some unwanted pounds, and that is with a juice cleanse.

A juice cleanse is basically a diet which will see you replace all of your dietary requirements with different juices made largely from fruit and vegetables. Typically lasting 3-7days, the most obvious benefit of a juice cleanse is that you should lose some weight since it is a fairly restrictive diet. This is great if you need to drop some weight fast such as for a special occasion or a big holiday.

Many celebrities such as Gwen Stefani and Lauren Conrad are fans of a juice cleanse, as it is reputed to be a way to cleanse your body of toxins and therefore detox it. While the jury is still out on the benefits of detoxing, there is no denying that by following a juice cleanse you will be consuming so many vitamins, minerals and hydrating yourself so well that it can’t help but show. You should see an improvement in your skin, and lose any water weight that you’ve been carrying too.

Another great thing about a juice cleanse is that it is actually not at all expensive to follow. So it’s true that buying yourself a juicer may be a little expensive, but chances are that you already own a blender that can do just as well. As long as you peel and deseed your fresh fruits and veggies well, then even a hand-held blender can do the job, and you can even sieve it for extra smoothness. Compared to pre-packaged and fast foods, fresh fruit and vegetables are pound for pound much cheaper too, so unless you are buying the most organic and most delicately picked produce ever, you could in fact save money.

Especially if you’ve been in the habit of not eating your fruits and greens, a juice cleanse can be a great way to introduce them into your diet in an easy to follow way. The beauty of this detox diet is that you don’t have to spend hours sourcing products and preparing them to an exact specification (we’re looking at you Gwyneth Paltrow with your infamous Goop cleanse). You just toss your ingredients in the blender hit on and a few seconds later you can be enjoying a healthy brew. Even better, the internet is full of great juice cleanse recipes and ideas (check out Pinterest and Instagram for some great inspiration) so it’s not even like you have to buy a fancy diet book or programme.

Like any intense diet there are of course a few drawbacks; the main one is that since you are juicing, you will lose the fibre in your food which is important for healthy digestion. Another one is that since you will be cutting out things like caffeine, refined sugar and carbs that you can suffer a bit from irritability and fatigue too. However, these side effects are not unique to a juice cleanse, being common side effects of many other diets too. As long as you only follow a juice cleanse for a short amount of time, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

So if you need to drop a few pounds and quickly then a juice cleanse could be just the ticket for you. It can be a great way to detox your body or even as a healthy kick start to a new healthy eating diet, so dig out your blender and get juicing! Not sure what to do after following a juice cleanse? Check out these easy weight loss tips right here:


Author: Abbie Owens

  • Rebecca Cline

    I’m glad that you also addressed the barriers of juicing as well. Fiber is so important for healthy digestion! I, personally, would rather eat my food than drink it.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Bob Lujano

    Thanks RC for weighing in. Keep up the good work.