Few Things You Need to Know About Incontinence Pads

Jun 24, 2016
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Incontinence pads are largely used by people who have bladder control issues. They help them to move about freely without facing any embarrassing situations. These pads can also be used at night to prevent the mattress from getting wet or dirty. This helps in maintaining hygiene. Thus one does not need to worry about spoiling one’s clothes, bed sheet and mattress. Apart from incontinence pads, one can also use bed pads for your loved one with bladder control problem. This will prevent the furniture from getting spoiled and there is no hassle of wearing adult diapers.


Here are some of the pointers that will help in understanding the benefits of using incontinence pads to get the best protection for your incontinence health issue:

Great absorbent capacity:

Good quality pads can absorb urine well without causing any leakage. They are perfectly suitable for patients with incontinence problem. You can get these pads in varying absorbent capacities. With these pads, one can be dry, comfortable and peaceful.

Thin and not bulky:

Incontinence pads are made using an impermeable multi-layered sheet with high absorbent property. Usually, the size of these pads is small which make it a very convenient option. Along with that, no one can notice that you are using these pads.

Various sizes:

Incontinence pads come in varying sizes. Thus one can buy them according to one’s need.

Odor control:

Bad odor of urine can obviously makes people around very uncomfortable. Due to this reason, these days you get advanced incontinence pads. The benefit of these designer pads is that they come with odor management technique. No one around you will notice that you have any such problem. This is because the bad smell will be taken care of through the fragrance.


When buying incontinence pads, you have the choice of disposable or reusable pads. Reusable pads can be washed and dried like clothes. Disposable pads are suitable for working people as it is possible to use fresh ones when the need arises. One of the good things about these pads is that they are not costly.

Meant for both males and females:

Incontinence pads can be used by both males and females. Hence, it is actually a very useful health product.

You can order these pads online as well. This can be a good option as with this you can avoid the embarrassment which comes with shopping this kind of product. It is beneficial for the people that are shy. In case you have decided to purchase these pads then here are some of the guidelines that will help you to purchase the right incontinence pads for your needs:

Do not rush for buying:

You need to take out time for checking out several online sites. Make sure that you read the information they offer. Check out the online catalog carefully and read the size, material and other feature details. Once you re sure, you can place the order.

Ensure that you compare well:

Majority of the online sites have all key brands, however, one thing that you need to know is that prices will vary. Apart from sales and special offers, some sites provide discounts on bulk purchases. Along with that, there are some sites that offer free shipping as well.

Do not be afraid of experimenting:

In case you are not sure about the size, then one thing that you can do is to purchase just one or two packs. This is because you will not know if the product is correct for you or not without trying it out.

Author: Mike Warner

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    Thanks for the info Mike. I have many friends that have incontinence issues. This post has given me a perspective that I never realized.