Another Winning Play for Alabama Sports

Feb 09, 2016
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As we are in the middle of winter, a behind the scenes event has happened that needs to have some attention. No, it is not Super Bowl 50, halftime shows or any other sporting event. However, it does have something to do with sports in Alabama. Now, I know some of you have heard about the football team, but something even more important has happened.

The University of Alabama has made a commitment to inclusion by agreeing to construct on their campus facilities to hold competitive and recreational activities for their student athletes with disabilities.

Now, this should not be a surprise to many who live in Alabama. This school has always had successful ventures with their athletic teams. However, this school and community have seen the importance of serving their student athletes with disabilities. This commitment is a testament to their governing principles and inclusion guidelines. This should also be a wake-up call for universities and colleges who truly value inclusion and diversity.

This is what I would call a game changer from the standpoint that a community, city and state have come to understand the importance of providing opportunity for the most underserved population. Not only has this university embraced adaptive sport, by having a wheelchair basketball team for men and woman, but now they will have their own facility to have practices, games and tournaments. Sometimes it only takes one to lead many.

The magnitude of this commitment will benefit so many for years to come. Not only will it benefit students that are going through the program, but future students as well. Many students with disabilities will now have an opportunity to have a complete college experience just like other student athletes. The outcome of this commitment will impact this community for generations to come. Hopefully, this commitment can help lead other universities that are unsure of making a commitment to include students with disabilities in recreational or competitive sport.

The real winners in all of this are the future students with disabilities, as well as those who truly embrace inclusion. Also, I can’t forget the University of Alabama, but then again this university is very much use to winning.

Author: Bob Lujano