A Year in Review

Jan 01, 2016
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As the end of the year brings forth a new year, we should all take this opportunity to think about how this year has been. Has it turned out the way you wanted? Did you get to accomplish every goal that you set? Did you even set any goals?

As a person with a disability and with 56 million people with disabilities in our country, we should always be aware of the growth, or (lack thereof) that has been afforded to us this year of 2016. Here are some important moments that I reflect on:

First we did celebrate the 25th year of the ADA. What makes this important is that this law just continues to grow and educate a society that still may not completely understand that accessibility and employment are very critical for all people to live independent lives.

Another one is the Commit to Inclusion campaign in which many organizations and our own government has become aware that this is a continuous commitment. The entire idea is based on every city, county and state becoming aware of this idea.

Rebranding Walkability was an issue brought forth by the Surgeon General as he views this call to action for everyone and every city leader making streets and goals for walking as a way to improve overall health and community.

Last and probably least is my own personal favorite of celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Murderball”. I know that this is a little selfish on my end but I still get asked to speak and comment about this documentary. It has been not only important to me but to many people who have viewed the documentary.

I will also like to take this time to thank everyone who read “No Arms, No Legs, No Problem.” It has been such an overwhelming experience on how well my biography has been received. It was a goal of mine when I was a teenager to write a book.  It has been one of the best years of my life as I was able to present this book at a conference in Israel.

So, now this is your time to think about goals for this coming year of 2016 but don’t be afraid to reflect and be gracious for the year that 2015 was. Happy New Year to everyone!

Author: Bob Lujano