Holiday Blues?

Dec 04, 2015
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Every so often many people report that they have the “Holiday Blues.”  Now, I am not 100% sure what that means. I know people can feel unhappy for not seeing family, or maybe going through some tough times during this part of the year. It appears as if this is specifically directed to the holidays.

I am not sure what would be depressing about the holidays except maybe not getting what you want for Christmas of Hanukkah. I do understand not being able to see family since mine live over a thousand miles away. However, there is one thing that can help remedy this situation.

Exercise!!!  Yes, America, I said. The best way to help curb those holiday blues is to get out and sweat! I know many of you live in places where it is bone cold. I know at times many people are afraid to get sick. However, nothing can beat a good heart raising exercise. Especially with all sweets and over eating that is done, nothing can be more satisfying then getting in a good workout. Take a family member that you haven’t seen with you. Remember that you may only get one chance to interact with them, why not make it an exercise that both of you can enjoy.

So, as you plan those days of Holiday shopping, traveling, celebrating (please do celebrate) and being away from your routine. Please schedule in a day of exercising. It can be anything. A walk, a run/push, a swim and just something that gets the heart rate up and doesn’t make you feel so guilty when you have a 3rd plate or an extra piece of cake.

Just because it is getting close to Christmas does not mean you get to play the role of Santa Clause look alike. So, take the time to get up and start moving and eliminate those blues. Happy Holidays! Make it safe and fun.

Author: Bob Lujano