Why Hire A Person with a Physical Disability?

Nov 27, 2015
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A person with a physical disability is viewed by many as different. Thus, a fear or stereotype can exist that people with disabilities are not able to deliver the desired results when it comes to the professional context. However, it is very essential to come to terms with the fact that all of us have been solely created by the Creator for a specific purpose. If He has bereft them of a certain human feature, they are bound to have some extraordinary quality or skill that distinguishes them from the rest. This is how the natural decorum of things goes about. It is human nature that one strives for perfection and wouldn’t want to settle for anything else other than the best. However, accepting someone with a different perspective may turn out to be beneficial in the long run. Following are some concrete reasons to hire people with physical disability.


  • Breaking Stereotypes

Contrary to the popular belief that people with disabilities are “special” people and are looked upon with a pitiful eye and sympathy. Take the initiative, to break the general stereotype and include people with physical disabilities in the hiring and recruiting process. Do they not have equal rights? Do they not have the right to get an education and be employed? You do not need to treat them with special care or concern; you are simply hiring the right person for the right job, who inadvertently happen to have a disability. A physical impairment doesn’t necessarily mean that they cannot execute job responsibilities. A person with a disability can also have a creative mind, which give dynamic and breakthrough ideas. Their contribution carries the same importance as any other employee can drive a company towards organizational success.


  • Socially Responsible Corporate Image

Any socially responsible act on the part of the company can do wonders for the company’s corporate image. In this highly competitive talent-hungry market, missing out on any opportunity to acquire note-worthy talent due to an apparent disability would be unethical. Viewing this from a public relations viewpoint will help us understand the unfathomable benefit it can bring along. This way you will be incorporating a more diverse workforce and creating an environment of equality and contributing positively to the talent pool.


  • Boosts workplace morale and productivity

Companies following a policy of hiring a person with a physical disability people eventually realize that they are inviting a unique skill set and level of knowledge and expertise into their organization. A person with a disability has the talent to focus on their strength with far more concentration. To achieve excellence a person with a disability is highly motivated and determined to which resoluteness of purpose is a driving force. To do justice to their work responsibilities, they often adopt a very practical and energy-efficient approach, making them goal-oriented.

If the employees feel that they are being treated fairly and supported by their organizations, they owe their loyalty to the company. This eventually boosts workplace morale and productivity.




Author: Zyana Morris

  • bobl07

    I one time was turned down for 6 jobs in a row which I was over qualified for. It was very obvious why I was not hired for a job that I was overqualified for. Hopefully, those days can be put behind us. This article has given some outstanding tips.