Five Benefits of Owning a Pet

Nov 20, 2015
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It seems like every day there’s a new natural health trend sweeping the nation. But are you aware of the furriest, most affectionate life change that can lead to a healthier life? Multiple studies have shown that owning a pet actually has both lifestyle and physical benefits. Here are five ways adopting a pet can lead to a healthier life:

Pets keep you social. Let’s face it; we love to talk about our furry babies. They can act as natural icebreakers for meeting the neighbors and make an easy of conversation with friends and family. Plus, there are tons of pet-centric groups and events where you can meet new people with whom you already have something in common!

Pets keep you active. Even on our laziest days, pets require us to stay with meal time, play time, and potty breaks. Better yet, it’s enjoyable active time: what better way to burn off the stress of a long day at work than a game of Frisbee with Spike?

Pets are good for your heart. And not just in the metaphorical sense! Pets are actually good for your cardiovascular health. In fact, they lower one’s risk of developing disease and are known to lower your systolic, triglyceride levels and plasma cholesterol. Pet owners who do suffer heart attacks have higher survival rates than non-pet owners, and are more likely to be alive a year later. Who knew pets could literally mend a broken heart?

They can help you build a stronger immune system. While some people fear the germs that pets introduce into a home, they’re actually a good thing! Pet owners — especially cat and dog owners —become exposed to bacteria that they are able to build immunity against, meaning they get sick less often and less severely.

Pets are great for kids. The positive effects pets have on children are countless. They help children in the classroom. Pets also provide a natural way to teach kids empathy and how to share. And when pet gates are in use, they’re effective ways to teach your dog and your child about respecting boundaries. With benefits like these, the dog your son has been begging you for sounds worthy of consideration!

Pets are perhaps one of the most rewarding life changes you can make, and the benefits are endless. They can help you and your loved ones lead more active, healthy, social lives simply by joining your family.






Author: Patricia Sarmiento

  • bobl07

    Sometimes it is the smallest things in life that can bring the biggest rewards. Thank you for not letting us all forget.