It’s that time of year!

Sep 25, 2015
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It is that time of the year! It is my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of year when I get to meet up with my rugby teammates and start training. Competitive athletic season is upon us.  Ready or not, here it comes? Or in some people’s cases, it is already here.

Kudos to all those teams and individuals that participate in wheelchair sport year ‘round and see the opportunity by continuing to exercise, push and stay in a healthy condition. I don’t just mean the athletes that are part of the US National teams, but those that know the benefit of staying healthy and active 12 months out of the year.

September was declared as National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month and as we begin the athletic season of wheelchair sport, I can’t help but recognize all the athletes male and female, veteran or non-veteran, that comprise a majority of our wheelchair sport teams. How grateful we must be to know that we live in a country that sees the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle. Although we are still underserved as a population of people with disabilities, we are on the radar of our national leaders, as they see how providing exercise and recreational opportunities in an inclusive society can only benefit everyone in regards to improving the overall health of our nation.

During the month of September our Surgeon General, Vivik Murthy, made a call to action to address the health concerns of people with disabilities by making a public statement that it is now time to “#Step It Up” in regards to walking and rolling a wheelchair.” It is a movement that is important for all of us.” He goes on to say that “lack of walk and rolling space is a health equity issue.” Finally, he concludes that walking/rolling 22 minutes a day can address health issues such as diabetes. The best part is when the Surgeon General states that it is “the responsibility of “community leaders and public health officials to make our sidewalks and communities safe for people to be more active.” “We will succeed if we work together and #Step It Up, we can rebuild a culture of physical activity in our community.”

In response to the Surgeon General, I have, do and will continue to answer this call to action. Every person with a disability that participates in wheelchair sport, competitively and recreationally answers this call.  Our participation in wheelchair sport is year round thus it is incumbent that we have walking/rolling communities that are safe for people who are users of wheelchairs and mobility devices.

As people with disabilities, we must answer this call! It is important that, we, as people with disability, seek to stay healthy and active 12 months out of the year for 365 days.  As the Athletic season begins, it’s great to know that the Surgeon General is reaching out, but he will also know that he is on our radar as well to #Step It Up in asking leaders to make our communities safe for all people of abilities levels and users of mobility devices.

As the fall season starts, this call to action is a wake up call to all people with disabilities to lead healthy active lives. Nothing about us, without us! Are you ready to answer this call?

Author: Bob Lujano

  • windyh2o

    Bob, it speaks volumes from individuals like yourself to practice what you preach. Best of luck for you and your team mates as you push to health this rugby season. Thanks for always keeping us aware of the importance to move. Windy

  • Denise Guercio Higdon

    Hey Bob, I could almost hear yoyu talking to me, You’re awesone.

  • bobl07

    Thank you Denise! Hope all is going well. Hope to see you soon.