April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Apr 14, 2015
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Parkinson’s disease impacts more than one million people in the U.S. and can strike as early as age 50. It affects both men and women equally and as many as 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. With symptoms like tremors, slowed movements, rigid muscles, and altered posture and balance, this condition forces patients to change their everyday lives and relearn how to function in public. Fortunately, the public is becoming more understanding of this condition through efforts such as Parkinson’s Awareness Month each April.

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month Because this illness does affect so many people each year, organizers of this effort want the public to learn more about it rather than fear or shun those living with this disease. This month allows doctors, nurses, and others in the medical community to share information that will foster understanding and empathy for Parkinson’s patients. However, more importantly this month allows the patients themselves to gain access to valuable resources that can help them advocate for themselves and their condition. These resources can be found online and also in many doctor’s offices and hospitals around the country. Some of the online resources include:

  • The Parkinson’s Awareness toolkit
  • Posters and flyers
  • Action calendars
  • Free PDF educational handouts
  • T-shirts, wristbands, and stickers

Within the toolkit, patients will find information about local support groups, books, magazines, telephone hotlines, and more that they can access and use in their bid to adjust to living with Parkinson’s. Raising Public Awareness Of course, another important goal of Parkinson’s Awareness Month is to introduce this condition to people who perhaps have never before heard of or experienced it. It can be easy for these people to dismiss this illness as another side effect of aging. They may also become frustrated or impatient with individuals who are living with this illness and move and speak slowly or shake while trying to do everyday tasks like eating.

This month encourages patients, as well as their friends and loved ones to show their support by wearing blue ribbons and by engaging the uninformed whenever the opportunity arises. The blue P ribbon can be obtained online and from local Parkinson’s support groups. People should wear it throughout the month of April to show their solidarity with those dealing with the disease. Medical Advances in Treating Parkinson’s

Finally, Parkinson’s Awareness Month allows patients and their friends and loved ones to get caught up on the latest news in the medical advancements being made for this disease. Groups like the Michael J. Fox Foundation report online what medications are most effective right now and what kinds of therapies are being used to minimize the symptoms and effects of Parkinson’s. Patients can check out information about treatments like deep brain stimulation, medications like Levodopa and Carbidopa, and clinical studies by visiting online Parkinson’s websites. Friends and family members also can access valuable information by taking part in Parkinson’s Awareness Month. They can find information about living with someone who has this condition, how they can help and protect this individual, and how they can take care of themselves and avoid caregiver burnout. Parkinson’s disease often proves to be a life-altering illness that can bring a family’s normal routine to a halt. During the month of April each year, Parkinson’s families find out that they are not alone and that help is available to them when they go online or explore local resources available to them.

April is dedicated to raising awareness for Parkinson’s disease. The one million people and counting diagnosed with it can advocate for themselves and their condition by wearing the blue P ribbon, downloading resources, and otherwise taking part in this month-long awareness campaign. Image credit: © Nenov Brothers – Fotolia.com


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