Athlete and Hero Forever

Apr 10, 2015
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Today is a day of celebration. No, not because it is the end of the week but because we get the chance to celebrate the accomplishments of a young athlete. An athlete who transcended the word. An athlete who showed us how to play and how to live.

Lauren Hill, from Lawrenceberg, Indiana died today from brain cancer. I extend condolences to her family, friends and fans who I will probably never know. With great dignity, honor and joy, I say “Thank you” to Lauren who not only showed all of us how to be an athlete that loves sport but allowed us to see how to be a hero during adversity.

Lauren was probably not the best player on her team. However, she embodied what it truly means to be an athlete. She literally did everything she could to participate in the sport that she fell in love with…basketball. No matter what her condition was, or how terrible she felt due to its effects, she still went out and played out of love for her teammates and the sport.

What did she do for the sport? Well, she might not have set any scoring records, but I doubt you will not find an athlete people wanted to see more. She might not have played very many minutes but when she was in the game nobody left their seats. Now, I am not going to say she was inspirational because she went beyond this word. She was heroic in her endeavors. Like her mid-western upbringing her endeavors were very simple: to play basketball using everything she had and to raise awareness for a health issue that literally affected her daily, not to mention countless others. At the end of the day she is a hero because she accomplished her two endeavors that many of us either overlook or fail to seek. She basically, selflessly, and lovingly showed what all athletes should do: play with all their ability while raising awareness to benefit the lives of others. This is a true hero.

One important thing that is being overlooked is how I believe that Lauren lived longer due to her efforts of wanting to play basketball for her school. She kept herself as active as she could be. Staying active and connected to a community is how all of us should live. I believe that Lauren’s spirit is one that shows how we do triumph out of adversity when we reach out to serve others. It is her love for basketball and serving her community is what makes her truly heroic. It is what makes her an athlete and a hero forever. This is something to never forget and to truly celebrate. Thank you so much Lauren Hill.

Author: Bob Lujano