All That You Should Know about Gel Seat Cushions for Wheelchairs

Mar 23, 2015
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People with disabilities who use wheelchairs that lead healthy active lifestyle are typically always on the go. That is the reason it is very important for them to be comfortable on their wheelchairs. And, what’s the best way to be comfortable than gel seat cushions for wheelchairs? These are gel cushions that can be attached to the seats of wheelchairs to provide that extra comfort.

Gel cushions for wheelchairs prevent sores

gel seat cushions for wheelchairs

Long hours of sitting at one place might result in pressure sores that are very painful. In order to prevent that from happening, you need to make sitting as comfortable as possible. This is the reason why you need to be careful while choosing gel cushions for wheelchairs. You can prevent pressure sores on a person with limited mobility by using gel cushion seats. In addition to making seating comfortable, such type of seat will also relieve pressure off the spine. There is an exhaustive list of such cushions available online. You must choose the best gel seat cushions for wheelchairs.

Choosing the best gel seat cushions for wheelchairs

Gel seat cushions for wheelchairs are also recommended by the doctors to the patients using wheelchair, in order to take off the pressure from their spine. These pressure relief cushions are categorized into three main types according to risk bands. You can choose cushions for low risk, medium risk, and high risk of developing sores. You need to consult with your physician while deciding the right cushions to choose. Generally, high quality cushions for wheelchairs are made from silicone gel and viscoelastic foam. A combination of foam and gel provides the much needed comfort for spine. Using cushions for wheelchairs is recommended over other options available in the market. This is because gel allows circulation of air and thus provides ultimate comfort to the one using wheelchair. Moreover, the gel used in the cushions has low heat conductivity. This reduces the speed at which temperature of skin rises and so it prevents sores and discomfort. That is the reason most orthopedic doctors recommend the use of gel seats for wheelchairs.

wheelchair pressure relief cushions

There are also cushions for wheelchairs specially designed to let in flow of air inside the cushions. Such cushions provide optimum comfort to the person sitting on wheelchair. Whatever you choose, you must make sure that you are choosing something that can provide optimum level of pressure relief to the person.

You must consider the price of the cushions before buying. There are different manufacturers of pressure relief gel cushions for wheelchairs. You must choose a manufacturer that provides the best rates for such accessories. Choose a reputed company that deals in gel cushions for wheelchairs. You must compare the rates of two or more companies and choose the one that suits you the best. You must make sure you are getting the exact products that give you ultimate comfort. Research well before choosing such a company because then you will be able to make an informed decision.

Considerations while buying gel seat cushions for wheelchairs

wheelchair gel seat cushion

When it comes to choosing gel cushions, one of the most important things that you need to check are the dimensions. These cushions vary in sizes and you need to check whether the size and the dimension you choose are suitable to your particular needs. Cushions that are smaller than the expected size may not be suitable to provide you good support. So, you need to consider a person’s body structure and shape while buying such pressure relief cushions. However, if a person has a small body structure, be careful not to choose cushions that are too large or deluxe size. If you want to identify supplementary details on gel seat cushions for wheelchairs then please connect with us today.

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