Tooth Extraction: For Better Oral Hygiene

Dec 12, 2014
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It is a widely known fact that one has to maintain utmost oral hygiene regardless of one’s age. In some cases, despite the kind of efforts that have been in place, people do fall prey to different types of problems related to their teeth. Because of the bad condition in which their tooth or teeth are in, an extraction of one or more teeth becomes the next obvious option to the dentist.

Why should a person opt for Las Vegas tooth extraction?

There are number of reasons for this. First and foremost, the person may have a lot of cavities because of which his teeth may have got decayed. There is not much repair that could be done but the tooth be extracted. Misalignment of the tooth/teeth is yet another complication that will lead to extraction of the same. Disease of some form in the gums may also force a person to opt for tooth extraction. A painful tooth will deprive a person of mental peace. If you are a resident of Las Vegas, it is strongly recommended that you choose the services of a deft Las Vegas tooth extraction expert to help you get out of the painful condition.

Is there any other alternative to tooth extraction?

All of us have a common opinion that having dental hygiene is vital for our well being. But in some cases, despite the care we take, there are some difficulties that erupt which will lead to pain and eventual extraction of the tooth. It was during times of yore that any tooth problem would be treated with an extraction. But now, with such a lot of development in the medical and technological front, tooth extraction can be averted by opting for an alternative in the form of root canal therapy. A visit to the Las Vegas tooth extraction expert will give you an insight as to what could be done and what would be best for your individual case.

Why does tooth extraction become necessary?

It is a widely known fact that teeth accentuate our beauty and are considered to be extremely crucial for various aesthetic purposes. The main function they serve of course is masticatory without which we cannot enjoy the savories that the culinary world has to offer. A Las Vegas tooth extraction expert will engage in the same when he finds that:

  • The tooth is mobile or there is an abscess. In some cases, the person will not be able to afford the expenses of a root canal treatment. Then too, this becomes a viable option.
  • The tooth has gone beyond repair due to a bad and unattended cavity.
  • There may be too many teeth overcrowding the dental arch giving rise to some kind of deformity.

A tooth extraction expert will however take a whole lot of health and monetary conditions into consideration before he actually extracts the tooth. There are so many options available now-a-days to replace the extracted tooth too. Aftercare also forms an integral part of the entire extraction process and one should ensure that the bleeding and swelling have stopped in time.

Do people with disabilities face more oral health concerns?

It has been proved through research that individuals suffering from developmental disabilities are more prone to dental diseases as well as dental malformations. People in these cases are failing to understand the significance of maintaining good oral health.

People with disabilities generally face a wide range of dental issues which encompass dental decay. Dental decay could be in the form of cavities and caries. They may also suffer from gum disease (swollen, red or bleeding gums thereby giving rise to loose teeth) or dental injuries (tooth fractures, chipped tooth or tooth loss). According to the CDC…Centers for Disease Control, 22.7% were found to have cavities that are left untreated, 47.36% develop periodontitis and 7.6% edentulism (complete tooth loss).

Benefits of Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene has become an integral part of overall health maintenance. It is the mouth that is termed as the lifeline for a person with a disability and that becomes the focal point if there are other functioning faculties marred. Moreover, society attaches a lot of importance to oral health. Facial appearance is given a lot of importance to be socially accepted by others.

When there is no proper dental hygiene, people are unable to eat comfortably; their perfection in communication is reduced. It has been noted that general health and severity of the medical conditions are dependent on one another and determine the severity of the oral disease. Investigations have also proved that the person/patient perceived oral health contributes greatly towards having a good quality of life. How important is hygiene to you?





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