All You Need to Know About Epilepsy and Seizure

Nov 10, 2014
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You may be hearing about Epilepsy and Seizures. In this blog I will throw light on how these two terms are related to each other and what is to be done to get rid of it. First of all let’s discuss about Seizures.

A seizure is known as a rapid flow of electrical signal or movement in the brain. You can see how an individual acts for a while. There may be many different things can occur during seizure. The electrical movement is caused by chemical imbalances occur in nerve cells. Due to that, brain cells stimulate or slow down other cells when a seizure occurs. At this stage there might be lots of or too little activities. The chemical imbalance in the brain cells is responsible for electrical activity that causes seizures. Seizure is not a form of the disease but it is a symptom of many disorders which can have an effect on the brain.

Now let’s talk about Epilepsy. It is a neurological disorder of brain that describes by epileptic seizures. All human activities are controlled by brain cells through electrical signals that communicate with each other. A seizure comes into the picture while uncontrolled and unexpected electrical signals interrupt the regular functionality of the brain. Once you have epilepsy, it means that you have a chance to have epileptic seizures but not a vice verse.

There are many sorts of epilepsy. It can be seen in children, young and later life. Some epilepsy can be treated easily and last for a short while. Others may remain for the whole of your life. Sometimes the cause of epilepsy is not clear. It could be any reasons like brain injury, brain infection, brain tumor, a difficult birth and lots more. In most cases, physicians don’t know the exact cause of epilepsy for their patient and try to understand it from the symptoms of seizure.

You might be shocked to know that there is no unique test which proves that you have or don’t have epilepsy. The test is known as an electroencephalogram (EEG) which helps to keep information about brainwave patterns. This info can be useful for further diagnosis. Specialist doctors use their expertise to diagnose epilepsy by asking questions like what happens before, during and after your seizures. They also look forward to meet someone who else who has seen your seizures.

If we talk about the treatment of epilepsy, it can be treated with medicines and anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs). Epilepsy medicines take action on brain and trying to reduce the effect of seizure or stop it from taking place. If a person is not getting benefited from medicine, they may go for alternate treatments like surgical treatment of brain, ketogenic diet and lots more.

Exercise is also good for people with epilepsy. The reasons have not clear yet but doctors shown from the EEG (Electroencephalogram) test that the electrical movement of the brain decrease during exercise. Exercise not only helps people to feel better but also controls their seizures. Most of the times, seizure appears suddenly, hence people having epilepsy make sure that they can’t harm themselves during exercise but it can be safe for all the times. Natural and herbal fruits are also good for people experiencing epilepsy. There is a fruit known as Noni and people get benefited from epilepsy by drinking wellness Noni Juice extracts from it.

There is a sure that we have not enough awareness about epilepsy. As a result of that people don’t know how to behave or react with it. Rather than ignoring it, we should spread awareness and make people not to fear about it. Some people believe that epilepsy is a contagious disease but it’s not at all.

Let’s be the part of the movement to spread the awareness about epilepsy. Would like to hear your thoughts regarding the same.




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Author: Sachi Dave

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