Think Pink with a splash of water…

Oct 16, 2014
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October brings Cancer awareness and Women’s health issues to focus however, let’s add some water to the mix. Water exercise has a wide range of benefits to anyone who has become de-conditioned from cancer.

Recovery symptoms vary with each individual and there appears to be a common thread expressed. I want to feel better, get stronger and increase my endurance. Once you are given the go ahead to exercise from your physician, immerse yourself in a pool 88-92 degrees Fahrenheit. Immersion in chest deep water to exercise has many benefits. Directional water walking forward, backward, and sideways is the first place to start. If you need an adaptation to walking due to amputation then use a floatation device around the waist or pool noodle under the arms. These first moves, increases your cardiac output and encourages the effectiveness of respiration. Both combined supports the renal system (kidneys) which can reduce edema (swelling) if you are dealing with lymphedema.

Hydrostatic pressure of the water gives the body a nice hug. It takes gravity of the body and replaces it with graduated pressure. The graduated pressure of vertical immersion reduces any extra fluid that may be present and forces the body to eliminate it. Creating movement takes that pressure across the surface area of the body, stimulates the nervous system to release endorphins the brains “feel good” chemical.

Water walking has the potential to increase muscle tone and strength. Water provides 12 times the resistance of air, making water exercise an excellent choice.   Increased heart rate and respiration rate builds endurance, endurance comes in stages so don’t get discouraged. Set a goal of 15 minutes water walking, then gradually increase you time to 30 minutes. Make the walking more moderate by increasing the pace to a brisk walk. Move to a vigorous pace like that of a low impact jog. If you feel the need for a more challenging work out then increase your intervals 2 minutes each time. Always remember with any exercise safety first. Check with your doctor, drink plenty of water while exercising even in the water you sweat and most of all enjoy yourself.

What health benefits has water provided you?


Author: Windy Wills

  • bobl07

    Water provides me with so many health benefits. I drink about 50 ounces a day. Plus, when I really want a hard cardio exercise, I just in the pool and do about 36 laps in 45 minutes.