5 Reasons Aquatic Fitness Is Like No Other

Aug 08, 2014
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If you think the pool is just for swimming, think again. Aquatic exercise is taking the fitness world by storm. People of all fitness levels are discovering that this fun, challenging workout offers so many benefits, it’s not just for seniors anymore.


The American Council on Exercise says that working out in water makes you feel about 90 percent lighter than you do on land. As a result, traditionally high-impact activities like running and jumping are far easier on your joints when performed in a pool. This reduces the risk of injury and soreness, and allows for intense cardio and strength training without the wear and tear that can accompany traditional workouts. As a result, aquatic fitness is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis, back injuries, or who simply want to get fit without pain.


In addition to the calorie-burning benefits of aquatic exercise, water provides significantly more resistance than air, so just moving your body in the pool contributes to muscle development. And unlike weights and elastic bands, water provides resistance in every direction, helping to ensure even work across every muscle group. Want to amp up the resistance? Move faster. Need to tone it down? Take it slow. Aquatic exercise means you’re in control of how hard you work.


Exercise can be a double-edged sword for people with high blood pressure. It’s a great way to improve overall health, but can also put stress on the heart. Aquatic fitness to the rescue! The pressure that water exerts on the body aids the flow of blood back to your heart. This improved circulation eases strain on the heart while you exercise, so your heart rate will be approximately 10-15 beats per minute lower during suspended water exercise than it would be on land.


In addition to the health benefits of a water workout, many people find the atmosphere more pleasant than that of other group exercise classes. Being in the water means that most of the body is hidden, which is a relief to those with body issues or who struggle with self-confidence. Many also report that it frees them from comparing themselves to others, and allows them to focus on their own form and progress.


It turns out that almost any exercise you can do in a gym, you can also do in the water. Specialized fitness pools boast built-in treadmills, resistance and massage jets, temperature controls, and other features designed specifically to promote health. From intense activities like weights and aerobics to gentler practices like yoga, tai chi, and pre- or post-natal exercise, if you like it on land, give it a try in the pool.

Whether you want to ease in to a new fitness routine or shake up your current regimen, aquatic fitness is a trend too good to ignore. It’s great for your heart, a challenge for your muscles, and will leave both your body and spirit feeling healthy and refreshed.

What is your favorite water activity?


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Author: Bency George

  • bobl07

    My favorite water or swim exercise is to complete a ladder set of 25m, 50m, 75m, and 100m, x3 in under 35 minutes. So far, so good.

  • Bency George

    Thanks Bob :)