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Jun 16, 2014
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This past weekend I went to see the movie, “The fault in our stars”. I was very impressed with the whole concept of this movie from its writing, acting and overall presentation of people with disabilities. It had the perspective of a movie that went beyond the scope of disability, while maintaining its integrity. Most importantly, it went beyond the portrayal of people with cancer or disability as people who are disinterested, angry, and lifeless victims.

Over the history of movies, people with disabilities have had roles that are very important to the movie, but yet at times have been portrayed as empty and shallow. There have been times people with disabilities have been casted to play the sympathetic, powerless character, or life is terrible and rotten, so I want everyone to suffer. Yes, in reality this attitude can be felt by people with disabilities and these feelings can be conveyed. However, what is important to remember that once this attitude is displayed on the big-screen then it can generalize a culture. It could impact one’s mindset to suggest that this is how all people with disabilities feel. This can lead to negatively influence writing, language, and attitude on disability. This movie provides a unique perspective on experiencing life, disability and character yet going beyond.

What makes this movie unique is we have the two main individuals experiencing disability who are very intelligent, who embraced the literary world and who are very much pursuing to lead an independent life. They travel the world. They are part of a community. They are teens in a carefree sense of the word, yet very mature for their age. They are living to find out more about themselves, with the hopes of getting the opportunity to grow their identity. In addition, the two main individuals are seeking to have a successful relationship, express their emotions,  find truth and understanding in their interests, in their being, and their families. These two main individuals were written to be about any person seeking to discover more about themselves while in pursuit of living a successful life. Sound familiar? Probably not in movies.

What a change to see that these two main characters have an enlightening perspective, intelligence, and passion. These are important yet very new characteristics that are very rarely displayed on the big screen. Not to mention when it comes to characterizing people with disabilities in general. Now, I know there are not very many movies written that include people with disabilities, but hopefully this is the start of a tend of portraying life characteristics that many people with and without disabilities can embrace.

In the big picture, this movie has new qualities that reveal a unique attitude and culture on disability. Not to mention with the hopes that it can reflect a change in a societies mindset demonstrated in the character development in movies that has at times typically portrayed people with disabilities as uneducated and inspirational. Rather this movie explores a powerful perspective on life with a disability as being so much more. Even viewing life with a disability as being,… okay. There is no fault in this.

What are your thoughts on this movie and/or disability in movies?


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Author: Bob Lujano