Looking Back to Move Ahead

Mar 18, 2014
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Dr. Bloom and I got out all the work we have done over the past year and a half.  We struck up the fight between Hamlet and his mother.  Dr. Bloom rankled with Richard III’s opening silliloquy and his conscience.  We sang the song, “Brush Up Your Shakespeare!”  Kate and Petruchio called each other’s bluff and then got married.We looked around at the lines of Shakespeare written on giant pieces of paper.  Dr. Bloom’s lines are written in black.  Mine appear in red.  We have covered a lot of ground these many Monday mornings.  Dr. Bloom said, “Now that I know these lines, I can focus on the acting part.”

When we first worked together and Dr. Bloom made the sign of the cross in Hamlet’s “nay, by the rood not so” it was a small cross, his hand barely coming off of the wheelchair armrest.  Now, the armrest is out of the way (because Dr. Bloom’s core has become strong enough for him to sit up straight without armrests) and the gesture of the rood is big, coming up to shoulder height and stretching across, nearly to the opposite shoulder.  Richard III’s dreadful marches that changed to merry meetings have gone from a small sway to two contrasting gestures.  The dreadful marches gesture is stiff staccato arm movements while in creating merry meetings, Dr. Bloom’s arms extend out to his sides and float around in graceful little arcs.

Taking a look back in time, celebrating the small successes, remembering when the every day thing was not possible gives us confidence for what lies ahead.  If Dr. Bloom, or you or I, can now do the thing that once seemed impossible, what great promise does the future hold?

I propose we look back once in while.  By seeing from whence we have come, the future becomes less daunting and our confidence in meeting it grows.

How do you use past successes to further the creation of new ones?


Author: Elizabeth Vander Kamp

  • bobl07

    If you don’t know and learn from your past you can get lost in the future. Keep up the great work with Dr. Bloom and LF.

  • Elizabeth Vander Kamp

    Hello Bob! Here’s to not getting lost in the future! Many thanks, evk

  • proudmama

    When my daughter was diagnosed with C.P. 14 years ago we were given a *laundry list* of possible problems. Everything from speech delays to bowel and bladder issues. We didn’t know what our, or her, future would hold. The thing that kept us going was the amazing sparkle in her eye. Now, 14 years later, I’m in awe of the beautiful young woman she has become. She has worked so hard from the time she was in early intervention to now and I have seen her confidence grow and grow. By seeing where she has come the future looks amazingly full of possibilities.

  • bobl07

    It has been my honor to be part of her life, not to mention your entire family. Thank you so much. Continued success.

  • julia

    beautiful. so beautiful.
    Me? I have been doing physical therapy exercises for my hip arthritis, for the last 6 weeks, and my motion and belief in my healing are increasing daily. I use affirmations that I read every day. I used to do this in a rather annoyed, “oh, tell me about it” way – including this one: “My healing is inevitable.” As a result of reading this (and about 20 others, created by and for me) every day for over 40 days now, I realize they live inside me as my own thoughts now – instead of things I refused to believe or hold dear. incremental motion in the right direction…is The Way.

  • Elizabeth Vander Kamp

    proudmama, thank you for writing about your beautiful daughter. she and you continue to inspire me and many others – sparkle on!!!

  • Elizabeth Vander Kamp

    Wow! Julia, how great to hear about your hip and your belief in healing! I am so glad your affirmations live inside you as your own thoughts now. Here’s to mediocrity in healing, in all things!

  • L Kovalevsky

    Elizabeth & Dr. Bloom & Julia- thanks for the reminder! I need to hear inspiring stories like yours! I need to reboot my usual unhealthy thought pattern with uplifting reminders. I’m starting tonite, positive self-reflection literature and my hibernating (not for much longer!) gratitude journal. I have made steps in the right direction…even though I’m not exactly feeling ‘top of the morning’…I am progressing…slowly but surely. Need to remember to be gentle to myself. Thank you! BC

  • Elizabeth Vander Kamp

    Lisa, go sistah, go! Here’s to each step. Here’s to helping each other along the way! BC Back!