Learn to Water Ski on dry land

Mar 12, 2014
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It is difficult to learn independence while water skiing if you do not have access to a lake, ski, and boat.  However, you can be taught some independence doing dry land practice.  Dry land practice can be done in a pool or on land, depending on what you are practicing.

Our focus for this session is to work on balance, so we’re working in the pool.  Dry land practice is great to do during the off season, or winter months when it is too cold to get into the lake.

Independently water skiing entails being able to get into the ski, balance in the water in the ski, hold the rope, and getting pulled up without anyone holding the ski.  Aimee wanted to learn how to be independent while water skiing so that she will be able to ski with her friends and family versus just going to special water ski clinics where there are instructors. Aimee doesn’t own a ski or ski cage, so she borrowed one.  We got permission to get into the pool with it from our local pool.  The first thing to do, is to make sure she fits in the cage, so we did this before getting into the water.  Secondly,  wanted to place the cage on the ski so it was not too far forward or too far back—somewhere in the middle (that is another lesson to be learned at another time).


There are different ways to get into the cage, but Aimee chooses to get into the cage, in the water and from the side.  Once in the cage, there are different ways to achieve balance.  Aimee used both body positioning and arm movements to find balance.  Aimee learned to balance herself in the water in the ski in about 10 minutes!  To challenge her further, I gave her the water ski handle so she had to balance herself while holding the handle out to the side and then out in front near her feet, to mimic the position she would be in while getting pulled out of the water by the boat.

If you want to learn to be independent while water skiing, this is something you can practice and master before the water ski season starts.   If you have questions, you can email me at kerriv@lakeshore.org. or on the NCHPAD blog site.   





Author: Kerri Vanderbom

  • bobl07

    I know it is still cold here where I live, but I am already thinking about the bright sun and water skiing at Lay Lake. Thanks for filling me with anticipation.