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Mar 03, 2014
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I have been a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetics Association) since I was a student at Samford University. The Academy’s website provides a wealth of knowledge for students pursuing a dietetics career and current dietetics professionals. However, it may not be well known that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics also provides an abundant amount of nutrition information designed specifically for the public. One of their goals is to improve the nation’s health through food and nutrition which is why they created “National Nutrition Month®” back in 1980.  This is a month long celebration every March that promotes the importance of living a healthy life through eating right and staying physically active. Every National Nutrition Month® has a theme and this year’s theme is “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right”. Visit the Academy’s website to find out more on National Nutrition Month®. To celebrate and promote nutrition in the month of March, I will be sharing how I make eating right super tasty. Let’s get started!

I love food…I always have and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I became a dietitian. I also love “healthy” food – I love the way it makes me feel and most importantly (for me), I love the way it tastes. Now I’m not talking about diet food or food that has been stripped of its calories and fat, that’s gross. I’m talking about fresh food that is packed with vitamins, minerals, whole grains, good fat and lean protein.

Let’s start with breakfast. I find breakfast to be one of the hardest meals of the day – you’re tired, busy, and maybe not even hungry. But I ALWAYS find time to eat in the morning. Eating breakfast will jump start your metabolism, provide fuel for your brain to work, and control your hunger. My weekday breakfasts aren’t usually exciting. I either have yogurt, oatmeal (plain but I add cinnamon and raisins), or fresh fruit with a protein granola bar – and my cup of black coffee, of course. But on the weekends, my husband and I pull out all the stops. One of my favorite breakfasts is eggs, sautéed veggies, black beans, salsa, and avocado slices over a ½ cup of brown rice. I don’t even need to add spices or salt because there are so many wonderful ingredients. Check out this recipe at the bottom of the page.

Now I know that that might seem like a lot of work, but it really only takes about 10 minutes and it’s so worth it. For a simpler egg and veggie breakfast, fill a custard dish with sliced veggies, one egg, and a little bit of crumbled feta cheese. Cook it in a 350° oven for 15 minutes and you’re done! Frozen whole grain waffles are also a great breakfast staple. Just heat one in the toaster, spread a thin layer of natural peanut butter on top, and finish it off with a sliced strawberry.

So how do you make your morning meal tasty? Share your tips and recipes right here on the blog or join our twitter challenge! All you have to do is tweet your tasty meal ideas using the hashtag #NCHPADtastechallenge and the person with the tastiest idea will be featured in my blog at the end of March.


Southwestern Scrambled Eggs

(For one person)


2 eggs or egg-whites

Pinch of sliced cheddar cheese

½ Tbsp Butter (I use the kind with canola oil because it is higher in good fat)

1 Tbsp of olive oil (one swirl around the pan)

Bell pepper, sliced

Onion, sliced

Cherry tomatoes, sliced

1 can low-sodium black beans

Spoonful of salsa

¼ avocado, sliced

½ cup brown rice (Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice is so convenient)


Cook brown rice. Add olive oil to a pan and sauté sliced veggies. Warm black beans in a saucepan. Melt butter in a sauté pan over medium heat; add beaten eggs and top with cheese. Cook until desired doneness. Assemble meal by plating ½ cup cooked brown rice, top with scrambled eggs, sautéed veggies, ¼ cup beans (drained), a spoonful of salsa and sliced avocado. You can replace the rice with a whole wheat tortilla and make a burrito to go!



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Author: Carleton Rivers

  • bobl07

    Hi Carleton. Thank you so much for kicking off National Nutrition Month with some great recipes. Like many, I am always on the go and any new breakfast ideas will really help me as I continue to pursue a healthy active lifestyle. #NCHPADtastechallenge

  • Shelly Duell

    Thank you for the reminder of healthy breakfast! So often people skip it (as we all know), or otherwise eat the same thing day in and day out (i.e. cereal). Variety is just as important in breakfast as any of our other meals though. Your article is a great reminder of this.

  • http://www.blog.nchpad.org/ Carleton Rivers

    You’re so welcome Shelly! I love that you use the word “variety”; it’s what makes things exciting and in this case, tasty and nutritious. I feel like for many people, habits and routines are big barriers to eating healthy.

  • http://www.blog.nchpad.org/ Carleton Rivers

    Hey Bob! Yeah I think almost everyone could use healthy breakfast on-the-go ideas; it’s such a crazy time of the day. I really admire (and hope to emulate) those families who are able to fix a large breakfast during the week so the entire family can sit around the table and enjoy each others’ company. Some other really tasty breakfast to-go meals could be a quesadilla packed with cheese, quacamole, salsa, and scrambled eggs (thrown in a pan to heat for a couple minutes); toasted english muffin sandwich with ham, swiss cheese, arugula, and an egg if you have time; or you could just grab a container of plain greek yogurt and top it with sliced almonds, sliced fruit (strawberries maybe), and a little drizzle of honey. Yummy!

  • bobl07

    This is awesome! I am literally getting excited about breakfast again. I am also getting hungry. I look forward to the next blog.

  • Susan Silverman

    I’ve always been a fan of breakfast. I usually have a few tablespoons of full-fat plain Greek yogurt with lots of fruit and a sprinkle of granola to sweeten it up. When it is cold and icky out I love a bowl of oatmeal with tons of cinnamon and craisins. I love the taste of smoothies but they don’t keep me full for long enough and I eat them too quickly. On the weekends I’m a big fan of French toast and occasionally I make either whole wheat or ricotta pancakes so I can get some good protein in without making eggs. Thanks for the post, I look forward to hearing about lunch and dinner!

  • http://www.blog.nchpad.org/ Carleton Rivers

    Ricotta pancakes, those sound amazing! Thanks Susan for sharing those breakfast ideas; and I really love how all of these are fresh food options :)