Holiday Food….Holiday Pounds…

Nov 25, 2013
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This one is going to be short and sweet, contain wise words from my mother (she’s brilliant) and may help you put the reigns on all the extra holiday calories.

Like it or not, the holiday season is upon us. I saw a someEcard the other day that said “Every time someone puts up a tree before Thanksgiving, an elf drowns a baby reindeer” I think this was aimed at the departments stores that put their Christmas decorations up before Halloween even happened…

Anyway, I write to you today because part of this extended holiday season in which we are now entrenched is lots of extra food! Its a tough season for those of us with a weakness for sweets and things covered in cheese. It seems every Holiday party tempts me with an assortment of creamy, cheesy dips and delectable sweets. So how do we enjoy the party without needing to buy elastic pants come New Years? To answer that question I would like to refer to my mother’s wise words:

-Sweets and other party foods: If it’s something homemade and really unique or your total favorite that you almost never get to eat, go ahead and eat some! Try to keep yourself from going back for too many tastes by staying away from the serving table, and savor the moment instead of scarfing it down in one chew. If its something you could have any old day, like chips, packaged candy etc. then you should leave it be.

-All-day eat-a-thins (AKA, Thanksgiving and Christmas): Try to set up food time and NOT food time. Its really easy on the all-day holidays to have your breakfast food out until lunch time, swap it out for lunch, everyone grazes after the big meal until we have late-evenings snacks and of course, leftover dessert. If there’s no point during the day when food doesn’t cover the serving table, we will probably keep eating. So…when the meal is finished, clean up, make everyone a doggy bag, and then do something not food-related. Go for a walk, go sledding, have a snowball fight, play a board game. Do something other than eat and give your stomach a break.

-Leftovers: This one has as much to do with preventing food waste as it does with not packing on extra pounds. When the day is done and you have extra food, think ahead about what you’d like to do with it. If it lingers in your fridge with no ideas, it will likely end up  in the trash…If you want to make turkey sandwiches, make sure you have bread and whatever else you like on your sandwich. If the cranberry sauce makes its way home with you, I recommend using it like jam, or put it in your plain yogurt for a yummy treat. Soups, stews and pot pies are always a good option because you can throw everything in there, including lots of veggies, which will keep them from being too calorie-heavy.

The Holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy each other’s company and share a few meals. If we keep the consumption in check, we don’t have to feel guilty at the end of the season. Don’t forget to keep moving and as always, take some time for yourself to relax.

How do you celebrate the holidays? Do you have any good tips on food, leftovers and family time?

Author: Susan Silverman