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Oct 01, 2013
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Today should be like any other day in which we as Americans (317 million in which 56 are Americans with disabilities) should look to engage in some form of exercise activity. Remember in our land of freedom we do have choices. Your choices of exercise should be vast and numerous. Although quality is just as important as quantity. If you choose to view today as another day of exercising then great! However, for those who don’t always look to these opportunities, well today is that day. As we celebrated National Health and Fitness day on Monday, please look at this day as an opportunity to exercise your right to exercise.

So, what will it be today?  Has it been a while since you ran or pushed up a hill? Or maybe you should go for a nice brisk walk on a cool sunny day? Swimming can be done either in-doors or outdoors! Your choices can be limitless. If time is an issue Yoga and Zumba can be fun experiences. At the end of the long work day a nice bike or hand-cycle ride can hit the spot.

As long as we are celebrating health and fitness day, let’s not forget the role that nutrition plays. Maybe you have cheated all-weekend. Today can be that day to have a nice, green salad with spinach and kale. Or if in a hurry a protein smoothie can be the way to go.

I know not everyone likes to exercise alone. Let this be the day that everyone grabs a friend and heads to the basketball court for some one on one. Or maybe you and that special someone can participate in a friendly game of tennis. Look at this as an opportunity to share this fantastic day with someone that maybe needs to have a nice cardio experience.

Exercise can be that opportunity that allows you to try new experiences. Look at this day to try a different exercise. Look to change the routine. If you are always exercising indoors, try some outdoor activities. If you are always outdoors, look to sign up for an indoor exercise class to meet new people. This is the week to sign up for your community boot camp!

Overall, this is a day to truly cherish. It’s not every day that we celebrate exercising. Maybe it’s just knowing that we as Americans do have some rights in our country that we should not overlook or take for granted. Exercising your right to exercise should be every Americans God given privilege to embrace. Let this be that day to embrace this right. Now, how do you choose to exercise your right to exercise?

Hope you had a happy, safe, and enjoyable celebration of health and fitness day. Now, get up and do something!


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Author: Bob Lujano