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Sep 04, 2013
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For the last 2 months, I been in full swing in my off-season exercise plan. Thank God!  Since rugby season ended in April I always feel as if I have gained about 100 pounds when I don’t exercise for a couple of weeks. The Rugby season will start in the about one month. In the past I usually take about 2-3 weeks off, but with the rugby season ending earlier than usual and all the traveling for work, I had to start my off-season exercise plan immediately.

In the past, I have done my usual fitness center workout with using the peck deck and pulling weights. However, I need to start something new. Last year, for the first time ever, I did a Cross-fit exercise.  I loved them so much that I plan to do more this summer. However, the issue I have with cross-fit is that I can only do it once a week because it is such a physically demanding workout. I have been advised that I can only do a cross-fit workout once a week out of fear of over using my biceps and triceps. It is not that easy finding fresh new work outs for a quad amputee.

Today, with the help of my friend and co-worker Kris, we started the core class going twice a week during the spring and summer. These classes are perfect for me! Kris provides change of pace exercises during the week. Many of her exercises can be time consuming for endurance. Many are short because the focus is on intensity. Also, the core class exercises are idea for preparing me for an extreme interval exercise. Since I am only able to do extreme interval exercises once a week, it sure helps to have other alternatives. The core class is perfect in that regard.

I will start my extreme interval exercises this week. The purpose of my extreme interval exercises is to really push my intensity level. The multiple stations allow me to work multiple muscle groups at a very intense level. I am usually worn out after just 10 minutes. But I love it.

Once I get my routine and schedule set for the remainder of the summer, I will look to add other activities such as swimming and maybe a 5k. I will soon be in good enough shape to begin the rugby season next month. How fortunate that I am able to use a facility that can provide structured competitive and fitness programs. Hopefully, this will help keep the weight off for the summer.

What are you doing for exercise this summer?

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Author: Bob Lujano