Summer Plans?

Aug 16, 2013
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Since the summer is in full swing I have been able to maintain my rugby playing weight. I have gained a couple of pounds but nothing to get too stressed about. The different workouts I have planned should knock the gained weight off or just keep in at a manageable number. When the rugby season ended back in April, I had lost about 3 pounds and weighted in at 138 lbs. Since that time I am at 143 lbs. Now, I have no issue with that weight because I have been working out. The reason for the small weight increase is that I just have not enacted my summer nutrition plan.

My summer nutrition plan is not a complete overall of my diet. It is more of a cut the corners so as not to blow up once the summer ends.  In other word, I am not eating like I was during the rugby season where I was burning so many calories and had to eat just to not float away. Now it’s more of a let’s not eat as much as before and when we do eat let’s not gorge ourselves on high fat and high cholesterol food. This sounds like a good plan, right?

The summer nutrition plan starts with a switch from anything fried to all grilled. This is the benefit of having a Dad that taught me how to grill. I will grill all my steaks, chicken and fish. I also will grill vegetables from time to time. I also have cut down on any deserts or sweets such as cookies and M.M’s. I also have increased my yogurt consumption. I increase my yogurt consumption because I believe that the summer is for ice cream. Now, I do not eliminate ice cream from my diet, I just get so filled up on yogurt that I might only have ice cream once every 2 weeks.

The only reason for these changes is because since rugby ended I am not burning as much calories as I had for the past 7 months. I still work out it’s just not as intense as my rugby workouts. Since rugby ended my time per week for workouts has gone from 9 hours a week to 5 hours a week. This is almost half the time. Yes, my workouts have changed from rugby to swimming and core class, but my intensity is different as well.  Thus, I have to make changes somewhere. The best place to start is always with your diet. Have a great summer!

So, how is your summer plan going?


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Author: Bob Lujano