23 Years of ADA- Happy Anniversary!

Jul 26, 2013
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Today, as we celebrate the 23 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it’s important to remember that as we go out to celebrate, to protest, to criticize, to condemn, and to improve, how great it is that we have a piece of legislation that allows us to do this.

The USA is over 200 years old, which is not very old, compared to other countries. Yet our country has developed a piece of legislation that addresses a civil rights concern that many people overlooked or ignored for decades. The ADA lays a foundation with which we can look to improve our society as a whole. The Act is not one to take for granted. It’s not the “end-all-be-all,” either. However, it just might be the last most important piece of legislation that serves as a gateway for the betterment of all future generations. Its birth may have been from civil rights, but its completion will be in its continued development to change and shake up the mindset of a culture that needs to be enlightened. It can, will, and needs to be better.

How can we make it better? By continuing to advocate, protest, lobby, write, speak, and defend with our all our ability to uphold this legislation that is most near and dear to over 55 million Americans. Who knows how much of an impact ADA can have not only on our country but world wide. It could be the spark that lights the fire. It could be the fire that engulfs the world. For right now, it is our reason to keep hope alive for all people with and without disabilities for a better tomorrow.

The ADA is and will always be that legislation that is similar to the plight of people with disabilities, which is often changing, struggling, overlooked, pitied, empowered, yet not embraced appropriately. At times, it’s been asked that it be done away with. It’s been ignored. It’s been asked to wait outside. It has been changed and modified, maybe not to the degree that everyone wants, but in a slow, at times condescending, and apologetic motion that is only there to appease. However, it does say “Empowerment!” It does say “Let’s make it better,” and most importantly, it says, “I am here! Deal with me!

At the end of the day, the ADA is the law of the land that gives 56.7 million Americans a voice. (i) Most importantly, it gives America and the world an opportunity to protest, to improve, and to celebrate. Happy 23rd ADA!

So, what are you going to do celebrate on this Anniversary?


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Author: Bob Lujano

  • Demi Eckhoff

    Great post Bob!

  • Bob Lujano

    Thank you, Demi. I always enjoy reading your post. Keep up the good work. Have a great weekend.

  • bobl07

    Thanks Demi! I hope you were able to celebrate this weekend. I know that I did! Thanks, Bob

  • Bob Lujano

    The party was off to a great start! What are you doing to keep the party going?

  • WheelchairGuy

    What a great law! Happy Birthday ADA!


  • bobl07

    The celebration keeps on going! There are some many wonderful activities and events that go on that reaffirm the success of the legislation. Please check out the NCHPAD website October newsletter to catch some of those activities. http://www.nchpad.org