Let me move!

May 23, 2013
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We have a problem here in our modern society (well, more than one, but I’ll just tackle this one for today). Our world is set up for us to be as still as possible. I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time sitting still for long periods of time. I can almost guarantee myself a bad night of sleep and a bad attitude if I haven’t had at least a walk. It’s even helpful if I have meetings in multiple locations and I just end up moving from place to place all day, or if I’m in my lab and I’m on my feet moving equipment and people and just moving most of the day. The problem is, unless my coordination skills improve a whole lot very quickly, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be one of those people who can pedal a bike under their desk all day or get a treadmill desk. So on the days where my work requires quiet sitting, writing, reading etc. I have to find a way to move!

You may have read my blog on active commuting (http://blog.ncpad.org/2012/12/04/active-commuting-for-a-healthy-heart/) which is my guarantee for a 20 minute walk in the mornings, but I often also accomplish getting some daily movement with my favorite time to walk. After dinner! Personally, one of the worst feelings is having a decent sized dinner and then sitting on my butt for a few hours before I go to bed. But truth be told, when I don’t have either a dog or a friend to walk with, I feel a bit silly just going out and walking around the block by myself.

So we have a problem here! Our world is set up for us to be still, and we have to work hard to find ways to move. Sure, I schedule time for exercise, but it needs to be more than that. Its about moving all day long, not just for 40 minutes a few times a week.

So how do you get moving? My two key mode are active commuting, and after dinner walks. But I have to be intentional about it. Having a dog when I’m dog-sitting is the best for me, what can you do? Do you have a favorite way to move? Maybe you like to ride to the park after school, or take a walk at lunch time. Maybe you go for a push around the office building to clear your mind. I want to challenge you to move! I’m not talking about exercise here, just get moving! Do some stretches in your office, stand to do some reading, get a few extra pushes in during the day. Let me know how you feel!

Author: Susan Silverman