ACT2MOVE and MOVE2ACT: Becoming a Sound

Apr 04, 2013
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Awareness invites response and response invites movement which in turn lights up imagination!

The more aware we are of ourselves and our environment, the more options there are for engagement and therefore movement.  Observation and awareness are hallmarks of the actors’ tool-chest.  Actors watch people and borrow the way they walk, or their posture while sitting, or a funny habit of tossing the hair back before speaking.  Even inanimate objects can be observed and copied.  Imagine being a toaster and then being the toaster when the toast pops out.

Today’s acting exercise, Becoming a Sound, focuses on awareness through the sense of hearing alongside a healthy dose of imagination which in turn leads to movement.  Here’s how to do it:

Part 1

This exercise can be performed alone or with a group.  Stand or sit comfortably in a reasonably quiet place.  Close your eyes and get very still.  Then, listen for 1-2 minutes.  Challenge yourself to be so silent that you can hear your own breathing.  Challenge yourself even further by being so quiet that you can hear your heartbeat.

Part 2

With your eyes closed continue to notice the sounds of the environment.  Can you hear the air conditioner or the heat humming?  Are there cars on a road nearby?  Is it raining?  Can you hear birds singing?  Is music playing?  Is a coffee maker brewing coffee?  What are the sounds of the world around you?

Part 3automatic_drip_coffee_makers

Pick one sound from the environment.  For example, the sound of a coffee maker brewing coffee.  Let the sound invade your whole body and begin to drip.  Pay attention to every detail you can think of – are you a dark roast or a light blend? Is it the end of the dripping process with the rumble of completion or the beginning with slow steady drips.  Yes, be a drip!  Involve every part of you that can move and be a total drip!

Part 4

The bonus!  If it turns out you are a really good drip, challenge yourself to be the pot full of coffee being poured out or sitting full on a hot plate or …wherever your imagination takes you!

The more we are aware of ourselves and our environment, the more possibilities for movement and imagination will occur.  I look forward to hearing about your Becoming a Sound experiments in Acting2Move and Moving2Act!



Author: Elizabeth Vander Kamp

  • babybro mark

    And my sister says that she is in my shadow????? She is unbelievable, and I am proud to stand in hers, she give so much and I am lucky to be her baby brother occasionally getting to step out of her light and be a rock star….hahahah….-Mark

  • Phil

    What a great idea! I tried it with my 6th grade students today while the water was dripping through a downspout out my window.
    Well written article and I love the photo!

  • Elizabeth Vander Kamp

    Hey Mark! Thank you so much! Love, Sister

  • Elizabeth Vander Kamp

    How great that you tried this with your 6th grade students! More ideas coming! Love, Elizabeth

  • Lori

    Love this. I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful this would be used in PT/OT for children’s movement. Thanks for the article E!

  • Kenny and Rashon

    Great job Elizabeth I love it. Keep up the good work.

  • Rashon Vice

    That was a wonderful article Elizabeth you’re doing such a great job. We are so happy to have a person like you in a lives. Keep up the good work.

  • Gene Limbaugh

    We should try this in class?!